Regency’s Green Ignition System

Release date: 2/17/2010

The SureFire Ignition System saves even more on home heating

DELTA, British Columbia (February 17, 2010) – Continuing on their commitment to Green initiatives, Regency is announcing its latest product innovation, the SureFire ignition system. This gas fireplace lighting system allows you to run your fireplace in standing pilot mode (a small pilot light remains on) or in electronic ignition mode, allowing you to click on the pilot light only when needed to start the fireplace. Both systems offer valuable benefits for your home.  The standing pilot is ideal in cold climates where it is important to keep your chimney warm throughout the season for proper operation and safety.  The electronic ignition allows you to save energy, fuel and money by using gas only when needed.  Having these options available to you is the pinnacle of convenience, you can easily turn your fireplace to electronic ignition and keep the pilot completely off during the warm season or have your fireplace ready to fire up with the standing pilot during the cold season.  Efficient Regency Fireplaces with SureFire ignition are some of the greenest fireplaces you can own. 

All Regency products are crafted with the finest materials and durable construction and are protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

About Regency Fireplace Products
Regency Fireplace Products is a preeminent wood, gas and pellet fireplace and freestanding stove manufacturer in North America.  Headquartered just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Regency Fireplace Products distributes Regency and Hampton brand products throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe and Asia.  Manufacturing since 1979, Regency stands behind all of its products by offering a lifetime guarantee of quality craftsmanship.

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