2023 Winter Savings

Save Up to $800: Regency Winter Savings!

Don't Miss Out - January 13th - March 5th Only! 

For a limited time only save up to $800 on a new Regency Fireplace with a rebate and in-store savings. Purchase an eligible Regency Gas, Pellet or Electric unit and receive 50% of the discount instantly in-store and save 50% with a manufacturers rebate. Keep warm this winter and save big on high-quality fireplaces backed by the industry's best warranties!

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Save money on heating with high-efficiency zone heating, transform the look of a room, and enjoy the unmatched warmth, comfort, and ambiance of a fireplace this year.

Save up to $800

($400 Rebate + $400 In-Store Savings)
City Series Gas Fireplaces:
CB40, CB60, CB72, CV40, CV60, CV72, CC40, CST60, CP60

Save up to $600

($300 Rebate + $300 In-Store Savings)
Contemporary Gas Fireplaces:
HZ40E, HZ54E, U900E, U1500E
Traditional Gas Fireplaces:
G800, B41XTCE, B36XTCE

Save up to $400

($200 Rebate + $200 In-Store Savings)
Gas Fireplace Inserts:
Gi29, LRI3E, LRI4E, LRI6E, HRI3E, HRI4E, HRI6E, L234, U31, E33, E18E
Traditional Gas Fireplaces:
G600, P33, P36, P90E
Freestanding Gas Stoves:
RC500, H15, H27, H35, U38E, U39

Save up to $200

($100 Rebate + $100 In-Store Savings)
Electric Fireplaces:
E105, E110, E135, E195
Pellet Inserts & Stoves:
GF40, GF55, GFi55, GC60, GCi60
Freestanding Gas Stoves:



Call us old-fashioned, but we believe that products should be built to last. As a manufacturer, that idea is built into everything we do. From design through manufacturing and post-sales service, we are always focused on creating high-quality products that work right from the first time the unit is used to the 1,000th time & beyond.

Regency controls the manufacturing process from start to finish, with raw steel entering our factory on one end and finished fireplaces exiting the other side. We do not source parts of our fireplaces from overseas and assemble on-site like some other manufacturers. Because we build our fireplaces from scratch right here using thick-gauge steel and highly-skilled labor, we are able to offer the best warranties in the industry! 



  • Quality Manufacturing - Thick Gauge Steel
  • Dependably North American Made
  • Highly Efficient - Save on Heating!
  • Versatile Styling & Accessories
  • Contemporary & Traditional Styling
  • Industry's Best Warranty
    • Limited Lifetime on all Fireplaces/Stoves/Inserts

*Purchase a qualifying Regency product from a participating Regency dealer between January 13th ‒ March 5th 2023 and receive half the discount as an instant in-store rebate and half as a manufacturer's mail-in rebate on listed products. Manufacturers rebates must be claimed at www.regency-fire.com or be postmarked May 14th, 2023 to be eligible. Ask your salesperson for details. Offer only valid for Regency products listed above. If a unit is listed but the model variant is not specified (ex: E/EC/EPV) all variants are eligible. Cannot be combined with any other Regency offer.