Meet our teams

There’s something special about knowing your hard work and talents are helping tens of thousands of creative projects come to life.

Product Development

From initial concepts to certified finished products, the product development team works to design, develop, and test new products with the needs of homeowners in mind.

Continuous Improvement

Through the Exercise Continuous Improvement towards Excellence (EXCITE) Program, the continuous improvement team helps in reducing cost and improving manufacturability by continuously analyzing, evaluating and improving the designing process and assembly of our products.

Production Control

Working together with Inventory Control and CNC Machine Programming to turn raw materials into finished products; the production control team uses internal production and planning systems to evaluate, create and execute the master manufacturing production schedule.


From sourcing raw materials, assisting in design and manufacturability; negotiating pricing and contracts; budgeting costs, freight and customs management, the purchasing team efficiently works to enable Regency’s supply chain to keep up with the fast pace environment.


Working as a team to create high quality products to suit the needs of our consumers. Controlling the manufacturing flow; overseeing processes of receiving, parts manufacturing, sub-assembly, assembly, accessories, inspection, maintenance, and shipping.


A collective of writers, artists, thought-leaders, coordinators and planners. The Marketing department strives to evolve marketing to the highest standard, continuously elevating all of our marketing efforts; which encompasses everything from product development, advertising, sales and customer support.

Technical Services

Providing a dependable support network to dealers and consumers regarding installation, use and maintenance of Regency products. The technical services team provides product training, answers customer questions and assists in enhancing every one of Regency’s products to provide exceptional customer value.


The Finance Department oversees the company’s financial planning and management, including forecasting, budgeting and reporting. Finance is a key partner with the other departments in developing strategic plans and investment strategies; as well, maintaining good rapport with its external stakeholders. Comprised of Accounting, Payroll, Accounts Payable and Credit management, this team keeps a pulse on the fiscal health of Regency.


Designing, building and implementing a global information technology operation; supporting our customers and growing the business through developing custom programs, custom reports, business intelligence, web forms and complete integration.

Human Resources

Coming to work each day should be a rewarding experience. We want people to wake up and want to come to work each day. The HR Team enhances the employment experience by recognizing the need to acknowledge employees, as the people are the heart of the company; essential to the organization’s success. The HR team provides expertise in recruitment & selection, training & development, employee recognition, labor relations, compensation & benefits, performance management, employee coaching, and health and wellness initiatives.

Sales & Regional Offices

Providing top of the line product, technical and marketing customer service support to the Regency dealer network. Working with Regency’s dealers, our sales and regional office teams support events, home shows, and are a distribution hub for Regency’s products. The branch teams also host annual technical and sales training classes to keep the dealer network up-to-date. The branches work very closely with the team of account executives in the field and with the corporate office in Delta, BC.

Administrative Team

The administrative team is the frontline and behind-the-scenes super stars handling the day-to-day operations of the company and assisting with a wide variety of projects from all departments. The administrative team keeps the organization on track, organized, and facilitates many functions enabling other teams to be able to achieve their goals.