Our Story

Who are We?

Founded just outside of Vancouver, Canada in 1979, Regency Fireplace Products has proven to be a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of hearth products; With over 400 employees, supplying over 2000 retailers across North America, Europe, Japan, China and Australia.

Regency is committed to superior Service, Quality, Reliability and Innovation. Creating products and technologies that bring joy and comfort to those that use them for years to come – a guarantee backed by industry leading warranties. 

As a proud member of the NIBE Group of companies Regency is part of a collection of manufacturers that combine to be one of the largest producers of fireplace and hearth products in the world. NIBE Group is a global organization that contributes to a smaller carbon footprint and better utilization of energy through three core business areas – Climate Solutions, Element and Stoves.

How do We Accomplish our Goals?

From the beginning, the vision has remained the same; creating the finest of fireplace products. With growing demand from around North America, the manufacturing facility spanning over 240,000 square feet, is constantly being upgraded with the latest tools of the trade; including state of the art robotic technologies.

Regency Fireplaces Manufacturing

Borrowing concepts from ‘Lean Manufacturing’ Regency created its own program called EXCITE; Exercising Continuous Improvement Towards Excellence. The EXCITE program helps to streamline processes throughout the company to assure we are meeting the needs of our consumers. Our commitment to quality is practiced at every step in the process, including inspecting every product before it is shipped.

How we Design our Products

Regency is committed to research and development to ensure we maintain our reputation for innovation, quality, and value. By our team of more than 30 designers and engineers using the latest 3D CAD technology, cutting edge manufacturing resources and certified in-house testing laboratories, we are able to respond quickly to market demands and regulation changes to create highly efficient, stunningly beautiful fireplaces.

Regency City Series Gas Fireplace

How We Serve our Customers

We are committed to customer satisfaction and providing the highest level of support. Our Regency products are sold through a network of over 2000 fireplace retailers. To ensure top-level service to our customers, we leverage 7 distribution centers across North America backed by a team of dedicated technical and customer support professionals.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We understand that as a company it is our responsibility to engineer and carefully design our Wood Stoves and Inserts to meet the standards of Environmental Protection Agency. Our team of engineers have designed the firebox to create airflow around the wood so that it burns completely, resulting in very little ash and next to no polluting smoke into our environment.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Regency’s Delta manufacturing facility has been audited by EuroCert European Inspection & Certification Company S.A & was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. ISO 9001:2015 is a universal quality management standard managed by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that provides requirements for an organization to consistently provide products and services that meet customer statutory and regulatory requirements. Customer Satisfaction is a core element of ISO 9001:2015 & the certification ensures that organizations keep Customer Satisfaction as the top priority.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification process helped Regency’s Delta 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility build a solid & robust Quality Management System (QMS) which provides exceptional support in design & manufacturing of high-end Hearth products and services.

The President Sudhir Lamba says “We are committed to the highest quality standards in our products, business, and culture. I am proud of our committed and engaged team members who helped us achieve this significant achievement. Our Quality Management system enables our mission to be a world leader in the design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of hearth products”

Commitment to Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Regency Fireplace Products is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and supportive work environment as well as treating our employees, contractors, and clients with respect, dignity, and equality.
As a member of the NIBE Group, Regency proudly upholds NIBE’s values and code of conduct, which is based on 8 guiding principles:

  1. Respect for human rights - we treat all employees fairly, worthily and with respect.
  2. Good working conditions - we offer good working conditions and opportunities for personal development
  3. Reduced environmental impact - we consider the environment at every stage of our value chain.
  4. Good business ethics—Business relationships and methods are based on compliance with legislation and the application of good business ethics.
  5. Responsible purchasing - we make responsible purchases and place requirements on our suppliers.
  6. Product liability - the products' function, quality, safety, and environmental characteristics are the most important conditions for the Group's continued development.
  7. Social commitment - we are involved in the networks and communities where we are active.
  8. Transparency - communication is straight, honest and follows applicable legislation, regulations, and standards.

Regency supports and complies with the Canadian Government’s Bill S-211, an act to fight against forced labour and child labour in supply chains. Read our report in how we comply with Bill S-211 - View Bill S-211 Report