Wood Stoves

Get long, overnight burns with our all new lineup of wood burning stoves. Available in either catalyic or non-catalytic these EPA certified wood stoves burn longer, produce fewer emissions, and are more efficient than the previous generation. 

Adding a Regency Wood Stove to your home is an effective way to add unmatched heating capacity that can only be offered by a freestanding wood stove. With Regency’s highly efficient EPA certified wood stoves you can save money on heating by burning less wood throughout the year and turning down your central heating.

A Wood Stove For Everyone; The Choice is Yours!
Our wood stoves are available as either catalytic or non-catalytic, steel or cast-iron, and in a variety of styles including traditional, contemporary, and modern. 

For serious wood burners using their wood stove year round, burning multiple cords of wood, looking for extreme efficiency and full-day burns we have the Cascades & Pro-Series of catalytic wood stoves. These hyper-efficient wood stoves utilize Regency's innovative Eco-Boost triple burn technology to produce our longest burn times, the fewest emissions, and up to 86% efficiency! Burn less wood & save with Regency Eco-Boost technology. 

For the more casual wood burner looking to use their wood stove as supplemental heat, for a few hours per day, or even less, we have our Classic series of non-catalytic wood stoves and our Hampton series of cast iron wood stoves. These highly efficient EPA certified units also produce longer burns, fewer emissions, and greater efficiency than previous generations however without the use of a catalyst.

Need help selecting a Wood Burning Stove? Check out our Wood Stove Buyer’s Guide or download our E-Book to learn the ins and outs of buying a wood stove.

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