Be storm ready: Power’s Out, Heat’s On

All Regency Fireplace Products work safely without electricity.

Be storm ready: Power’s Out, Heat’s On

Are you prepared for a power outage? We want to help your family stay warm and safe this storm season.

How can a Regency fireplace keep you safe during a power outage?

  • All Regency gas and wood fireplaces, stoves and inserts radiate heat without electricity.
  • Fireplaces provide an additional, safe light source during power outages
  • We install battery powered receivers and/or ignition packs into all of our gas fireplace products as a back-up power supply so you can continue to enjoy instant heat at the touch of button in the event of a power outage. Some of our gas fireplaces can ignite without batteries too!
  • Our direct vent technology prevents cold air from entering your home through your chimney, even when your fireplace is not in use. By using outdoor air for combustion, direct vent technology also maintains indoor air quality and prevents warm air from escaping up your chimney.

Why Regency

  • A complete collection of customizable fireplaces, stoves and inserts
  • Experience industry’s most comprehensive limited lifetime warranty
  • Manufactured in North America from premium materials and technology
  • EPA, CSA and 2020 environmentally certified fireplace products

6 signs you need a new fireplace…

  1. Your current fireplace requires electricity to work
  2. Your current fireplace allows cold drafts into your home
  3. You want to spend less on monthly heating costs
  4. Your current fireplace is an eye sore
  5. Your current fireplace doesn’t comply with environmental regulations
  6. You don’t have a fireplace