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Do you love your Regency fireplace? Do you want to show it off and potentially be feautred on our idea gallery to inspire other homeowners just like yourself? Do you want to potentially be featured on our social channels so everyone can enjoy your fireplace as much as you? If this sounds like you we'd love to see your favorite photos of your fireplace (and maybe even your pets!).

To submit an image, please complete the form below including a .jpg/.jpeg/.png version of your photo. Please note: Images will not display on the website right away, they undergo a review and categorization process first.

Tips for taking better photos:

  • Make sure the fireplace fire is on & has been on for at least 15-20 minutes
  • If you are taking the photo in low light (evening), having the camera on a tripod or solid surface (table, chair) will prevent camera shake (blurry pictures). 

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