Everything You Need To Know About Gas Fireplace Inserts

Designed to fit into your existing masonry fireplace, gas fireplace inserts are the most efficient way to fix cold chimney draft, lower your home heating bill and update the look of a room.

What Is A Gas Fireplace Insert?

Modern gas fireplace inserts are installed into open masonry fireplaces by qualified gas contractors to stop cold chimney draft, increase home heating efficiency and improve indoor air quality. Every Regency gas fireplace insert provides beautiful fire ambience guaranteed by the best warranty in industry.

Pictured: LRI6E Gas Fireplace Insert

Want to replace your old fireplace insert? It’s easy and affordable to replace a gas fireplace insert with a modern gas fireplace insert. Installing a modern gas fireplace insert is a quick, affordable way to update the look of a room, add value to your home and lower your monthly home heating bill. Before visit your local fireplace dealer, take some photos of your current fireplace as well as record the brand name and model number of your current fireplace insert. Your local fireplace store will use the photos and information you provide to evaluate your design goals and identify what size gas fireplace insert you need. Most fireplace model numbers can be found behind the bottom louver, which should open easily if you pull forward gently.

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Pictured: LRI4E Gas Fireplace Insert


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Types of Gas Fireplace Inserts

Direct Vent

Direct vented to keep you warmer, maintain indoor air quality and save you money, direct vent gas fireplace inserts stop cold drafts from entering your home and they prevent warmed air from escaping. Unlike traditional open flue or natural draft gas fireplaces that use air from inside your home for combustion, direct vent gas fireplace inserts use air from outside of your home. Direct vent gas fireplaces inserts are very popular due to their safety, warmth and efficiency.

B Vent

Natural draft gas fireplace (B vent) use the natural buoyancy of warm air to evacuate combustion gases from the flue to the exterior of your home. B-vent gas inserts draw air from the area around your fireplace for combustion. Popular in condos because multiple units can be connected via a single vertical flue, B-vent fireplaces are very affordable to install.

How to Measure for a Fireplace Insert

Gas fireplace inserts come in many different sizes. That’s why you need to measure for a gas fireplace insert before you buy one. Your local fireplace dealer will ask you for the information below so he/she can help you identify the best gas fireplace insert options for your home:

Download Measurements Form



Fireplace opening dimensions:

A. Height of fireplace opening (back): ____________

B. Height of fireplace opening (front): ____________

C. Depth (opening to back wall):________________

D. Width (back of fireplace): ___________________

E. Width (front of fireplace): ___________________

Other required information/measurements:

Ceiling height: ___________________

Location in room: ________________

Wall material: ___________________

Flooring material: ________________

Ceiling material: _________________

Want to change the shape of your fireplace? Additional measurements will be required if you have an arched fireplace opening, or if you want to achieve the look of an arched fireplace. Take a photo of your fireplace and send it to your local fireplace dealer before you visit so he/she can guide you with any additional required measurements. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an arched gas fireplace insert for an arched fireplace opening. Usually you can accentuate or hide a fireplace arch with a standard or custom fireplace faceplate, but sometimes masonry work is required, which is why photos and measuring is needed.

Want to create the look of an arched fireplace or mask the arch you already have? There’s a fireplace faceplate for that.

Special Gas Fireplace Insert Accessories

Regency makes it fun, easy and affordable to customize your gas fireplace insert. Our accessories are thoughtfully designed with quality materials to help you create a unique contemporary or traditional look. Choose from a selection of square and arched designer vignette faceplates, veneers, interior panels, fireplace doors and fire bed options (artisan log sets, stones, crystals etc). In addition to stylish accessories, Regency also offers functional accessories like propane gas fireplace insert conversion kits.

Pictured: Regency Liberty LRI4E Gas Fireplace Insert

Standard Gas Fireplace Insert Accessories

Remote Control Heat

As if flicking a switch wasn’t easy enough, now every Regency gas fireplace insert can be turned on the same way you turn on your television… with a remote! Better yet, similar to how TV’s can be programmed to record your favorite show, modern gas fireplace inserts can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times. You can even program temperatures you want to maintain at specific times of the day or night. Your Regency gas fireplace remote can also operate the fan in your fireplace and modulate your flame height.


Variable Speed Blowers

You can’t use a blower if you don’t have one, which is why all Regency gas fireplace inserts have a blower. Turn your blower fan on, or turn it off, the choice is yours! Fireplace blowers push heat into the far corners of the room and beyond so you can warm up fast and zone heat efficiently. Blowers with multiple speeds afford the greatest amount of comfort because they can be adjusted to move warm air slowly or quickly. Regency blower fans are warrantied and they operate at a respectful noise level. All gas fireplace inserts supply radiant heat, but a fireplace fan blower provides an instant, powerful heat boost.


The Most Beautiful Flame

Regency has been famous for manufacturing the most beautiful gas flames since 1979. Enjoy the clean convenience of natural gas flames that dance and flicker just like a real wood burning fire. All Regency gas fireplace inserts feature a ceramic burner for more radiant heat and a more beautiful fire glow.


Heat Radiating Ceramic Glass

All Regency gas fireplace inserts feature a ceramic glass viewing window to maximize radiant heating.

Safety Screen

As a family oriented company, safety is always Regency’s #1 priority. That’s why we include safety screens with all of our gas insert fireplace inserts.

Best Industry Warranty

Regency Fireplace Products builds their gas fireplace inserts from scratch using premium grade raw materials (unlike some manufacturers that mostly assemble), and we guarantee the quality of our craftsmanship with industry’s most comprehensive warranty. Next time you visit your local fireplace store, look closely at each fireplace brand. Quality is in the details. For example, Regency wood inserts have noticeably stronger hinges than many brands, while Regency gas fireplace inserts feature ceramic burners and glass that generate more radiant heat and a more beautiful fire glow.

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