Pellet Stoves & Pellet Inserts Buyer’s Guide

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Pellet Stove or Pellet Insert

What are Pellets?

Wood pellets are small pieces of compressed wood and sawdust that are loaded into a hopper, automatically fed into a firebox, and burned to produce heat for long periods of time and heat large rooms and homes.

Why Choose Regency Greenfire Pellet Products?
The extra-large hoppers in Regency Greenfire products allow you to load enough pellets for up to 36 full hours of continual heat. Heat more and load less with Regency Greenfire.

Regency’s technology has revolutionized the environmental efficiency of pellet burning stoves and inserts. All of Regency’s highly efficient pellet stoves and inserts meet current EPA standards. This means that they produce less than 4.5 grams per hour with most less than 2.0 grams per hour, of particulates (smoke and ash) into the atmosphere. This efficiency results in a higher temperature burn and very limited emissions.

Convenience meets eco-friendly with the Regency Greenfire line of pellet stoves and inserts.

All Regency Pellet products are EPA certified.

Pellet Stoves

Regency Greenfire Pellet Stoves are an environmentally friendly way to heat your home and save money. They are quiet, efficient and cost effective home heaters that fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Different styles to match any decor, using high quality and durable components; Regency Greenfire pellet stoves are built to last.
EPA certified.

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See how our customers have transformed their homes with a pellet stove!

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Pellet Inserts

Transform an obsolete fireplace into an efficient and effective heating system with our Regency Greenfire pellet inserts. Pellet inserts are fireboxes designed to be inserted into old, low efficiency open hearth fireplaces to increase heat transfer, efficiency, and reduce emissions. Pellet inserts can also be used to create new fireplaces where one previously did not exist.

All Regency Fireplaces are manufactured in North America in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. When choosing to purchase a Regency pellet insert you are choosing high quality craftsmanship, top-tier materials, and industry leading support! Add the warmth and comfort of a fireplace to your home, create memories that will last a lifetime, and rest-easy knowing that your Regency pellet insert is backed by the best warranty in the industry.

Idea Gallery
See how our customers have transformed their homes with a pellet insert!

Get Inspired By Other Regency Customers

Benefits of Pellet Stoves & Inserts

  1. Fill an Empty Firebox
    Fireplace inserts direct the heat into your home, instead of out the chimney. Fill an empty firebox with a premium pellet insert to create a more effective heat source.

  2. Easy Access Lids
    Loading is made simple with easy access lids on Pellet stoves for quick and easy reloads.

  3. Less Work
    No more hauling and chopping wood, tending the fire, or having to stack wood near the fire. Pellets allow for easy loading and minimal pre-work.

  4. Less Loading, More Heat
    Extra-large hoppers allow you to load enough pellets for up to 36 straight hours of burn time without having to reload. Enjoy more warmth, with less maintenance.

  5. Minimal Renovations
    Regency pellet inserts slide directly into existing fireplaces, and freestanding pellet stoves can be installed with very minor modification of the existing structure!

  6. Guaranteed Quality
    Regency Fireplace Products builds their pellet stoves and inserts from scratch using premium grade raw materials and we guarantee the quality of our craftsmanship with industry’s most comprehensive warranty. We believe quality is in the details, and we work hard every day to build some of the longest-lasting and best fireplace products on the market.


Ready to Buy a Regency?

Are you ready to take the first step to adding unmatched warmth and comfort to your home? Here’s how to begin…

Start Planning
Before visit your local fireplace dealer, take some photos of your current fireplace or where you would like to add your new stove; as well as record the brand name and model number if you are replacing an existing unit. Your local fireplace store will use the photos and information you provide to evaluate your design goals and identify what style freestanding pellet stove or pellet fireplace insert you require.

Take Measurements
Our pellet inserts come in many different sizes. That’s why you need to measure your opening before you buy one. You will want to measure the height and width of the fireplace at both the opening and the back of the fireplace, as well as the depth.

Visit Your Local Regency Dealer
Next you will want to find your local authorized Regency dealer! Use our fireplace store locator to find the dealer closest to you!

Pro Tip!
Take lots of photos of where you want to place your stove or the open fireplace you wish to seal with a pellet insert. Good lighting is important for your dealer to see all the details.