Cleaning Fireplace Glass

Does your fireplace have a buildup on the glass obstructing your view of the flame? Not to worry, this can be quickly taken care of restoring your fireplace back to its originally beauty. See below for general step by step instructions for cleaning the glass on your gas fireplace and wood fireplace.

How to Clean the Glass on a Gas Fireplace

Cleaning glass on a gas fireplace is a straightforward process, however, needs to be done carefully as you need to physically remove the glass from the unit. You will need the following:
  1. Fireplace Glass Cleaner
  2. Microfiber Cloth x2
  3. Soft padded surface
  4. Tools to Remove Glass
Cleaning Gas Fireplace Glass

Once you have all the above follow these 5 easy steps to make your fireplace glass as good as new!
  1. Remove Glass according to manufacturers instructions (see owner’s manual)
  2. Place glass carefully on a soft padded surface
  3. Spread the glass cleaner generously across the surface
  4. Carefully rub the glass cleaner into the glass using the microfiber cloth
  5. Wipe away the film and buff out any remaining glass cleaner using second microfiber cloth
Note: Ensure you are using approved fireplace glass cleaner or non-ammonia-based glass cleaner to ensure you do not permanently damage the glass or create noxious smells when the fireplace is used.

How to Clean the Glass on a Wood Fireplace



The best way to clean glass on a wood fireplace is using newspaper and a little bit of ash – this little trick will quickly cut through the buildup on the inside of your wood fireplace. This simple 5-step process is a quick and easy way to ensure that your glass is clean without the need to purchase specialty cleaning supplies.
  1. Crumple Newspaper
  2. Lightly Wet a portion of the Newspaper
  3. Dip the dampened newspaper into the bed of ashes in your fireplace
  4. Carefully rub the ash onto the glass in a circular motion
  5. Wipe away any film with another piece of newsprint or soft microfiber cloth
Do you think your wood fireplace is getting too dirty too fast? Your wood could be too wet, or the fireplace could not be burning as efficiently as it can. Check out the following blog posts for assistance: Disclaimer: The content above is intended as a quick guide to cleaning the glass on wood and gas fireplaces, as always consult your owner’s manual for instructions on how best to clean your unit. Ensure the unit is cool before completing any maintenance tasks.

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