Grandview Series

Grandview Series



Choose stunning flame picture, choose your accessories, and create a one-of-a-kind fireplace. The Regency Grandview series of gas fireplaces are designed to maximize choice and customization letting you pick and choose everything so you get the fireplace of your dreams. 


  • Largest viewing area in its class with clean front design
  • Choose from a log grate and traditional style log package or contemporary crystal tray
  • Cool Wall system to allow for any finishing material right to the edge of the fireplace
  • Electronic Ignition or Standing Pilot available (Select markets)
  • Standard top down and ember-bed lighting* (EC Models Only)
  • Flame height adjustment control* (EC Models Only)
  • Proflame II GTMF remote control* (EC Models Only)
  • Rear or top vent for versatile installations


Fully Customizable: Multiple Exterior Options

4-Sided Black Faceplate
4-Sided Brushed Nickel Faceplate
4-Sided Copper Faceplate

Fully Customizable: Multiple Interior Options

Brown Brick Interior Panels
​Herringbone Interior Panels
​Castlestone Brick Interior Panels
Volcanic Black Interior Panels
​Painted Black Interior Panels
​Reflective Black Interior Panels

Fully Customizable: Multiple Log Options

Split Log Set
Driftwood Log Set
Birch Log Set

Unlimited Finishes


The Grandview series can be installed with our Cool Wall System to maintain a cool wall to accommodate custom finishes right to the edge of your fireplace - giving you the ultimate design freedom. Finish your fireplace in any material you like, direct to the edge of the firebox; allowing you to create a very clean look without the need for additional trims or faceplates.

Cool Wall System

Regency's Cool Wall System funnels air throughout the wall and releases at ceiling level - keeping your wall cool. A cool wall allows for unlimited finishing options such as wood and wallpaper directly to the edge of the fireplace and protects TV's and artwork without the need for a mantel. Regency's patented Cool Wall System functions using natural convection meaning there is no need for additional fans or electricity so you fireplace will continue to work safely during a power outage. 

Optional Cool Wall System: All Regency Grandview Series units come from the factory ready to utilize the Cool Wall System to allow for combustible finishing and just require a small on-site adjustment by the installer.