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About Denise

Denise Ashmore is the owner of project_22_design. She has been an interior designer for the past 24 years working in a wide range of retail, hospitality, and residential projects in Toronto, Australia, and Vancouver. Denise has been living in Vancouver for the last 14 years where she and her team focus their efforts on bringing their creative designs into reality. Denise is “Passionate about design, spaces, and the people who live in them, [she has] a trusted network of professionals in every trade to support [her] work. project_22_design is committed to making our work truly enrich people's lives - inside and out.”

Incorporating a Fireplaces into Denise’s Designs

When asked how do you choose a fireplace to match a room, Denise responded by saying that she prefers to design the room around the fireplace, instead of choosing a fireplace to suit the room. A fireplace is “one of the best features in the space” and by starting with a fireplace and working out you can ensure that the fireplace receives the attention it deserves.

What Does Denise Look For in a Fireplace?

When looking to add a fireplace to a room, Denise will typically consult with the customer heavily first to see what their preferences are. The typical customer is very involved in choosing their fireplace as it is such a personal aspect of their home. As a personal preference, Denise is often drawn towards fireplaces with seamless glass, clean lines, great media sets and low clearances, particularly the Regency City Series.

Experience with Regency

When asked about her experience with Regency Denise was all positives! From our professional resources to our products Denise had nothing but good things to say about Regency. Regency products “look great and the client is happy with them” time and time again!

Denise Ashmore
– Owner
Vancouver, Canada

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