10 Fireplace Makeover Ideas | Before and After

July 20, 2018
Craving a new view? Fireplace refinishing is an easy, budget friendly way to update the look of a room and add value to your home. Pick your favorite fireplace makeover below and then scroll down to the bottom of this page to learn how to achieve the look!

Fireplace Makeover Idea #1: Painting Old Brick
Ready for a brick fireplace makeover? The white painted brick fireplace trend is very popular this year. You can achieve this look with indoor latex heat resistant paint. Scroll down to learn how to paint a brick fireplace. To keep the paint immediately above your fireplace looking fresh and clean, install a sealed gas, wood or pellet fireplace insert. Fireplace inserts are affordable and they come in many difference sizes and styles. Designed to fit into your existing masonry chimney, fireplace inserts stop cold chimney draft, keep you warmer, improve indoor air quality, and they can also lower your monthly heating bill.

Just finished a brick fireplace makeover? Visit your local fireplace store to complete and preserve your new look with an efficient gas, wood or pellet fireplace insert. Pictured (right): Regency CI2600 wood insert Photo credit: @mcm_meets_mina

Fireplace Makeover Trend #2: Limewash Old Brick
Love the look of white brick, but prefer a less solid finish? Consider limewash (aka white wash), which creates the look of white brick without completely covering up the natural brick underneath. We’ve included some resources at the end of this blog to help you learn how to white wash fireplace brick. Bonus: you can also white wash stone!

Pictured: Regency E33 gas fireplace insert Photo credit: Bunting’s Fireplace & Stove Inc.

Fireplace Makeover Trend #3: Cultured Stone
Cultured stone (faux stone) is made by pouring manmade material (usually concrete) into a mold. The resulting product is then colored to make it look natural. Cultured stones can be purchased individually in bulk or in pre-arranged tile format. If you want to mortar around each individual cultured stone, mix different stone varieties or create a unique pattern, you’ll want to purchase individual stones. The height and width of the area to be refinished, and the size of stone you choose will determine how many you need. As a rule of thumb, it’s good practice to choose small stones for cozy rooms and large stones for spacious rooms. Cultured stone installation is faster than traditional masonry because cultured stones are flat on one side and lighter in weight, which makes them easier to install. Cultured stone is also a lot cheaper than natural masonry stone. Your local fireplace dealer can help you source local cultured stone and he/she can likely help you with installation too.

To see more cultured stone and stone fireplace refinishing ideas visit our idea gallery. Pictured: Regency Excalibur P90 gas fireplace Photo credit: Fireside Pros

Fireplace Makeover Trend #4: Tile
Can you install tile on a fireplace from floor to ceiling? If you choose the right type of tile, yes you can! Tile has been around for more than 25 000 years, but it only recently became a hot fireplace refinishing trend. Tile comes in many different sizes, colors, patterns, weights and textures - there’s even tile that looks like wood and brushed metal! Manufactured from materials like ceramic, porcelain, stone, metal or glass, there’s a tile for every home design purpose and décor style. Installing tile around your fireplace may require a trained pro who is familiar with heat installations and regional building codes. Be sure to discuss your project goals and desired tile type with your local fireplace store before purchase to ensure safety and success. We’ve included some resources at the end of this blog to help you learn more about fireplace tile installation.

For more fireplace tile ideas visit our idea gallery! Pictured: Regency HZ54E Gas Fireplace 

Fireplace Makeover Trend #5: Patterned Tile
Feeling bold? Pattered tile can transform an ordinary fireplace into a stunning artistic focal point.  

This New York Ana Claudia Design incorporates three of 2018’s hottest fireplace design trends: an environmentally efficient wood burning fireplace insert (Pro Series CI2600) stylish wood log storage and bold tile refinishing.

Fireplace Makeover Trend #6: Drywall
Want to reface your old brick or stone fireplace with drywall? There is a way to do it, but since drywall is a combustible material, you’ll need to check your fireplace owner’s manual first to identify required clearances to combustibles. More than likely, you’ll need to install a heat resistant barrier between the drywall and your fireplace. If you’ve never installed drywall, or if you’re unfamiliar with how moisture from brick or stone can impact drywall, it’s best to leave your fireplace drywall project to a pro. If you do decide to DIY a drywall fireplace makeover, we recommend consulting with your local fireplace pro first.

Make sure you check clearances to combustibles in your fireplace owner’s manual and consult with your local fireplace expert before starting a DIY fireplace drywall project. Pictured: Liberty LRI4E Gas Fireplace Insert Photo credit: Walnut Creek Fireplace

Fireplace Makeover Trend #7: Surrounding a Brick Fireplace with a Wood Mantle Surround
Wood mantles that surround brick or tile create classic coziness that can stay looking smart for decades. Your local fireplace dealer can likely recommend a reputable local wood working professional, but if you’re lucky, you might be able to find a perfectly sized second hand wood mantle like the one featured in the after photo below, which has been painted black.

Achieve a timeless look by combining brick or tile with wood. If you’re feeling really trendy, consider a reclaimed wood mantle!
Pictured: LRI4E gas fireplace insert Photo credit: The Girard Family

Fireplace Makeover Trend #8: Flammable Finishing Materials (Anything You Want)
Say whhaaat? Do you have a City Series designer gas fireplace? If so, you can surround it with any flammable finishing material you want, right to the edge. Wood, wallpaper, fabric, metallic laminate, wrapped canvass art, mirrors, digitally printed glass or ceramic…if you can think about it, you can do it with City Series! If you have a conventional fireplace, flammable finishing may not be an option for you, or there may be restrictions; check your fireplace owner’s manual to identify you’re the safe clearance to combustibles for your fireplace.

If you have a designer gas fireplace like City Series, you can finish your fireplace with ANY material you want. Wallpaper around your fireplace? Yes you can, but only if you have a City Series designer gas fireplace.

Fireplace Makeover Trend #9: Mixing Multiple Finishing Materials
Mixed media fireplaces create visual interest, which makes them a great feature focal point. Popular trending pairings this year include stone with tile and wood with stone, but you can create any combination you want.

Consider mixing different finishing materials together to create a stunning focal point. Pictured: Bellavista B36XTCE Photo credit: The Fireplace Guys MN

Fireplace Makeover Trend #10: Shape Shifting
Want to change the shape of your fireplace? Whether you want to create the look of an arched fireplace or mask the shape of the arched fireplace you already have, there’s a fireplace faceplate for that. You can even add additional fireplace accessories like arched fireplace doors (or rectangular doors). Contrary to popular myth, you don’t need an arched fireplace insert if you have an arched fireplace. Simply measure the opening of your fireplace to determine what size fireplace insert you need. Scroll down to learn how to measure for a fireplace insert. Some shape shifting transformations require the help of a skilled stone mason, so as a first step, take some photos to your local fireplace dealer so he/she can help you identify what pro talent and/or materials your transformation may require.

Whether you want to create the look of an arched fireplace or mask the arch you already have, there’s a fireplace faceplate for that. Pictured: Regency Liberty LRI4E GAs Fireplace Insert

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