13 Famous Spooky Fireplaces

October 21, 2020
Can you guess what movie each fireplace is from? The answers are below each photo.

#1 Renovation gone wrong…

In the remake of this 1973 movie, Sally discovers an old, sealed fireplace in the basement of her father’s inherited mansion. Regrettably, she unseals the fireplace when she hears the evil creatures trapped inside whisper her name. Editor’s note: If you ever find yourself in Sally’s situation, don’t open the fireplace. Call your local fireplace dealer instead to discuss a replacement insert. 

#2 Fireplace décor gone wild…

In the 1999 remake of this 1963 horror classic, three friends sign up to participate in a sleep disorder study at a haunted mansion. Sleep will be the last thing on your mind when an ornamental fireplace lion decapitates somebody in the mouth of the mansion’s walk-in fireplace. Editor’s note: Open walk-in fireplaces were popular in mansions in the 1700s, but designer gas fireplaces like City Series are all the rage today. 

Movie: The Haunting

#3 Spooky soot…

The scariest fireplace moment in this book turned movie occurs when a demon burns a white imprint of itself into the soot covered bricks of an old, open wood fireplace.  Editor’s note: If you love wood fires but loathe soot, invest in a wood stove or insert that has triple stage burn technology. Triple stage burn technology burns wood efficiently to help your fireplace and chimney stay cleaner, which makes it hard for demons to leave any impression.

#4 Would a fireplace safety screen have helped?

Would the ghost of Mary Shaw have reacted so violently if the ventriloquist doll containing her spirit hit a fireplace safety screen instead of flames when Jamie tossed it into the fireplace? We’ll never know. Fireplace safety screens and glass safety barriers are a great way to keep children, pets and ventriloquist dolls safe, which is why we include them with all our fireplaces.

Movie: Dead Silence

#5 Garish Ghost or DIY Designer?

When the evil spirit in this based-on-a-true-story horror movie sequel pulled a 300 pound fireplace out of Janet’s bedroom wall, we knew she had her hands full. Editor's note: On a positive note, the spirit did Janet a favor by removing her old, inefficient fireplace. Now Janet can easily install a gas, wood or pellet fireplace insert, which will instantly update the look of her room and reduce her family’s home heating bill. 

Movie: The Conjuring2

#6 He wasn’t listed in her fireplace manual …

We cringed twice when Andy’s mom threatened to burn this famous male movie doll in her fireplace. The first cringe was because we knew somebody was about to get hurt real bad, the second was because we knew he wasn’t an approved fireplace fuel. To avoid unfortunate consequences, be sure to read your fireplace manual and only burn approved materials in your fireplace.

Movie: Child’s Play

#7 Maintenance is key…

In this 1928 silent thriller a retired and dying hanging judge begins to see visions of the persons he executed throughout his career in his fireplace. If you start seeing visions of strange things in the flames of your fireplace it’s probably time to learn how to clean the glass on your fireplace, or see a doctor. This online library of fireplace care videos is a great resource if you want to learn how to maintain the fireplace in your home.

Movie: Hangman’s House

#8 Bill knew something was wrong…

The eighth film of this famous horror series came out in 1996. We give Bill props for knowing something was amiss when the fireplace in his daughter’s new dollhouse starting turning on and off by itself. Unfortunately for Bill, the dollhouse was cursed. Do you know the warning signs that your gas fireplace isn’t working properly? Pilot light outages, loud ignition noises, delayed ignition, excessive soot or corrosion, the smell of rotten eggs and the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are all signs that it’s time to call your local fireplace expert.

Movie: Amityville Dollhouse

#9 Beam me up fireplace…

All the fireplaces in this well-known movie series double as a transportation system for wizards. Editor’s note: Regardless of whether you have magical powers, you should never crawl into a fireplace. 

Movie: Harry Potter

#10 It doesn’t have to be this way…

The wood stove in this comedy was anything but funny. Aggressively loud, unsightly and seemingly alive, the McAllister family was definitely due for an upgrade. Modern wood stoves are efficient, non-scary and they come in many different styles so you don’t need to hide them in your laundry room.

Movie: Home Alone 

#11 Some fireplaces aren’t worth investing in…

In this 2003 horror comedy, realtor Jim takes his family to a haunted manor in hopes of selling it and cashing in. Thankfully, when a dragon emerges from the manor’s fireplace and drags somebody into it, Jim realizes the home isn’t worth investing in. Editor’s note: A quality fireplace can increase the value of your home, a haunted fireplace can kill your equity.

Movie: The Haunted Mansion 

#12 It’s all in the family…

This famous family had a very famous rotating fireplace. Regrettably, we don’t manufacture this style of fireplace at Regency, but we hope you’ll still take a peek at our collection of fine fireplaces, stoves & inserts.

Movie: The Addams Family

#13 Hearing Voices...

In this modern horror story, the Regency marketing team swears they can hear the voice of Regency founder Robert Little coming from our lobby HZ54. Legend has it that every time the marketing team takes a few minutes to kick their feet up and relax, they hear Robert’s voice telling them to get back to do some actual work…Spooky.

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