5 Essential Patio Upgrades

March 18, 2020

During the warmer months the center of any home is the patio. From entertaining guests to just relaxing after a hard day at work – the patio is key to the enjoyment of the home. It is a place to laugh with loved ones, share a delicious meal, or unwind and take in some fresh air.

If you are like most people we talk to your patio could use a little love. Upgrade your patio and upgrade your life by adding the following 5 key elements to the ultimate outdoor living space.

1. Outdoor Fireplace

Just like in the home, the outdoor fireplace is the hub of all great patios. Whether it is a fire table, fireplace, or a custom fire feature; countless hours of enjoyment are waiting to be had with your fireplace. An outdoor fireplace creates a focal point, a stunning visual, helps to define the space, and best of all – can extend the patio season by several weeks!

Refine your outdoor living with Regency’s full line of ventless outdoor gas fireplaces including see-through fireplaces, coffee tables, and fireplace burners to create custom fire features.


2. Comfortable Seating

Two words – Lounge Chairs. Big comfortable lounge chairs make the patio an inviting place to sit, relax, and have a drink during the warm summer evenings. Gone are the days of having cheap plastic furniture on your patio. The best patio’s these days have large executive style armchairs with oversized cushions for hours of enjoyable comfort. Do yourself a favor and get some big and comfortable lounge chairs to help you enjoy countless hours outdoors.

3. BBQ & Outdoor Kitchen

Tired of running in and out while your guests relax on the patio? Every great patio needs a quality Barbeque and outdoor kitchen. Granted, not everyone has the desire, or the funds, to build a fully outdoor kitchen, however a good BBQ station is key to a great patio. You do not need anything fancy – get yourself a solid BBQ that will cook your food quickly and evenly, then get a table or outdoor cabinet or two and you are in business! Having a place to prep, cook and prepare all located in the same area will go a long way to creating a more functional patio. Cook dinner and entertain at the same time while your guests sit back and kick their feet up in your aforementioned extra comfy lounge chairs!

4. Custom Lighting

Lights set the atmosphere, plus aside from any fire features they are typically the only source of light as the sun sets. Just because the sun is down doesn’t mean the party has to end. A great set of rustic overhead bulbs goes a long way to creating a warm and inviting ambience perfect for entertaining and giving off enough light to extend the party for hours!

5. Do Something Different!

Differentiation is the key to anything memorable. Get creative, take risks, add that something extra that will get all your guests really talking. Add some exotic plants, get a cool new water feature, or create a one of a kind fire feature using the Regency outdoor burners. Whatever it is, if it’s unique it will make your home stand out and help up your patio game!

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