Bright Flames & Dark Hues: Dramatic Color Trends for Your Home

February 21, 2024

As homeowners are becoming more daring in their design choices, the use of dark and bold color palettes is on the rise. As well as making a statement, dark colors can contribute to a serene and restful atmosphere, which is perfect for areas in the home where you want to relax and recharge. These deep hues can work wonders in a living room, especially when paired with the bright, dancing flames of a gas or electric fireplace. Whether you choose to paint just an accent wall to accentuate your fireplace or paint the entire room for a more dramatic makeover, you can create the perfect balance of drama and comfort with these room-defining shades.



Forest green is a deep, rich shade of green that brings a sense of tranquility and a touch of nature to your space. This shade of green can transform any space into a serene and welcoming room, envoking feelings of relaxation and harmony, and creating the perfect spot for cozying up by the fire. If forest green is too dark for your room space, use it as an accent color instead and consider a softer green, such as sage, for your walls. Sage green is another ourtdoorsy hue that brings a sense of airy comfort and sublte elegance. It complements various design styles, including farmhouse and coastal, and pairs well in any room, including bedrooms and living areas.

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The boldest and most daring of paint colors, black is the perfect color choice for creating a luxorious, sleek look. A black hue will create room a look that is edgy and dramatic, but also cozy, and pairs easily with other colors, finishes, and textures. If a true black is too stark for your design, consider a softer black. Softer back shades are still dark, but are less drastic and more versatile, working well in both modern and traditional spaces.

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Dark Brown

Dark brown paint colors range from chocolate brown to mahogany, creating a calming atmosphere in any space. Brown shades provide an earthy and friendly energy and have a way of highlighting and opening up a room. Brown is an incredibly versatile color that creates a sense of calm and comfort in any living room. Layer different shades of brown to create more depth in the room or use them to tie several different styles together.

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Navy Blue

Navy blue is versatile and timeless. A sophisticated, smart and stylish shade, navy creates a feeling of coziness while still feeling fresh year after year. It can make a space feel instantly refined and complements most decorating styles and accent colors, making it a top choice of designer’s for adding color and warmth to a room.

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Dark, steel hues of gray are warm and welcoming and make a room feel intimate and comfortable, while maintaining a modern vibe. Gray is a versatile choice that pairs well with virtually any other color or pattern and is also a beautiful accent to natural materials in a room, such as brick, stone, or wood.

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Soothing and welcoming, aqua paint colors evoke a sense of serenity. Whether you’re aiming for a calming coastal vibe or a retro glam look, aqua hues can beautifully transform your space. Perfect for living rooms or bedrooms, these blue-green shades are soft and harmonious, and ideal for adding vibrancy to your space.

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