2022 Holiday Mantel Decorating Tips

December 8, 2022

The holidays are fast approaching and you know what that means, time to decorate! Now when it comes to decorating some people are very particular. They need it to be done the exact same way each year. Since you are reading this, however, let’s assume that’s not you. Instead, you are looking for some tips to make your mantel the envy of all your friends and family. We’ll walk you through some of 2022’s top holiday decorating trends.


Color Scheme

Largely dependent on personal preference but the one big trend for 2022 holiday decorations continues to be white on white with small splashes of color. In our example below we use rose gold but other muted colors tastefully draped throughout will create the same effect. This clean, modern look provides a simplistic elegance to it that plays well in almost any home. The white blends everything together and the muted colors provide subtle but not too dramatic highlights.

Photo Courtesy of Modern-Glam featuring Regency Liberty LRI4E Gas Insert

Another very popular style is the modern country farmhouse look. Again this look relies heavily on white, but instead of muted colors adds natural tones to create a modern, yet classic farmhouse look. The use of white decorations combined with natural greens and a pale brown mantel as well as other accent pieces around the base combine to create the country-chic vibe.

Photo Courtesy of @samanthabelsey featuring Regency Classic I2400 Wood Insert


Don’t be afraid to try mixing and matching a few textures to create the desired look of cozy, yet modern. Explore different textures, rough burlap, soft faux-fur, natural greenery, plush pillows, bundles of wood and more. Texture is key for adding visual weight to a room. Visual weight is the idea of contrast drawing your eye and attention. Typically rough is considered as weightier and therefore will draw the eye. Alternatively, smooth textures are more difficult to differentiate and are more easily glazed over. Try using rough texture sparingly on a few key areas to draw the eye and accentuate certain design pieces.

Photo Courtesy of Modern-Glam


The devil is in the details. Especially when it comes to decorating, all the little details add up to create the overall aesthetic. Continuing from 2021, the use of holiday-themed calligraphy signs above the mantel are expected to continue being popular in 2022. This style of sign can be found all over Pinterest and Instagram, so take a look and find one you like! Or better yet give it a try yourself. There are plenty of stencils or tutorials available for you online.
To fill the extra space you will want to try adding the classics such as candles, warm white lights, and varying sized seasonal decorations. Lastly, try adding small decorative pieces on the floor and around the hearth of your fire. Things like a small stool, wrapped presents, a bundle of wood or a basket of Christmas ornaments. Voila! Your perfect Christmas mantel is complete!

Photo Courtesy of Modern-Glam featuring Regency Liberty LRI4E Gas Insert

Although the examples above are quite beautiful, they are also quite extravagant. In your own home, sometimes less is more; in this case, we can see our furry friend enjoying the simply decorated mantel. The bright red stockings provide an excellent contrast to the white mantel and artwork.

Photo Courtesy of Fireside Pro’s

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