How to Fall In Love With A New Fireplace

February 6, 2018

Step #1 – Acknowledge You Deserve Better Than Your Old Fireplace

Open wood fireplaces and old wood stoves burn WAY too much fuel relative to the heat they produce, and they release 40-60+ grams of particulate (smoke and ash) into the environment every hour. In contrast, modern, quality crafted wood fireplaces, wood inserts and wood stoves burn less fuel more completely, which means they help you spend less money on fuel, less time stoking the fire, and less time cleaning your fireplace. Plus, you’ll be warm. Watch this video to learn more:

Modern wood stoves burn less fuel (save cash!) for longer (less effort!) and they produce less smoke (clean air!)

Step #2 – Take Advantage of Government Tax Credits & Incentives

Enter your zip/postal code into Regency’s program and promotion finder to search for cost sharing government eco-incentives in your area, like wood exchange programs, tax credits and eco-rebates. Since 2008, governments across North America have helped thousands of home owners replace old wood stoves and open wood fireplaces with more efficient EPA, CSA and 2020 certified units. 

Enter your zip/postal code into Regency’s incentive search to find government eco-rebates, programs & tax credits

Step #3 – Go Shopping

The fastest way to get over an old fireplace is to buy a new one. Fireplace shopping is fun. Start by viewing online photos to discover your unique fireplace style. When you're ready, visit your local fireplace store to meet your favorite fireplaces in person and discuss installation options with your fireplace dealer. Before you take the plunge, search seasonal fireplace sales to ensure you catch the best deal.'re in love!


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