It's Electric! Regency's New Options in Electric Fireplaces

July 1, 2023

Electric fireplaces create the beauty, warmth and ambience of a traditional gas or wood fireplace, however, 100% electric. Regency’s electric line-up has recently been expanded to offer MORE; More Models, More Sizes, More Features, & More Perspectives! With the addition of 6 all-new linear electric fireplaces plus our first ever electric insert, the all-new comprehensive electric lineup offers innovative flame packages and elevated design features across a wide range of price points, maximizing choice and providing options to suit a wide range of consumers.

Atmosphere Electric Insert

Transform your space with the Atmosphere Ei29, Regency’s first electric insert! The Ei29 was custom designed by Regency engineers to enhance realism and maximize value, offering flexibility in style, design, installation, and heat output to bring the warmth and comfort of a fireplace to more spaces than ever before!

Features of the Ei29 inlcude: 
  • Option to install as a 5,000 or 9,500 BTU heater
  • High-impact, realistic orange & red flame pattern that provides the utmost realism with 5 levels of brightness
  • Install as a traditional electric insert and place inside an existing fireplace or build into the wall as an electric fireplace. 
  • Top-down lighting enhances realism and reflection on the log set, providing a sense of depth
  • Dynamic fuel bed lighting with a spectrum of different colors with 5 levels of brightness
  • High-definition, 3-D layered oak log set complete with charcoal logs, embers, ginger crystals, and grate- the most realistic electric media package in the industry, or customize the look with a hand-crafted artisan birch or driftwood-style log set
  • Thermostatic remote control to adjust the power, heater, flames, brightness & desired temperature
  • 3 and 4 sided trims are included for easy out-of-the-box installation
  • Selection of mix & match faceplates and accessories to create your perfect look


Studio Electric Fireplaces

Mesmerizing flame visuals. Ultra-realistic, artisanal log sets. Atmospheric mood lighting. The new Studio Electric Fireplace Collection brings all of this and more to your home at the touch of a button. The Studio’s realistic fuel effects are the result of our decades of experience working with woodburning fires and stoves. For the utmost realism, sections of the log sets glow when the fire’s flames and ember bed are activated, just like a real burning log. Available in 3 sizes, the convenience of electric heat can be added to even the smallest spaces in your home.

Features of the Studio Electric Fireplace line include:
  • 13” glass viewing height
  • Multi-color LED lighting
  • Glowing ember bed with an artfully crafted split-log set & media, or an optional birch log set
  • Thermostatic remote control can be set, adjusted, and programmed to turn the fireplace on or off at your desired temperature and time
  • 5,000 BTU heater paired with a blower to heat your home efficiently and sustainably
  • Optional mood lighting kit
  • Chromalight system for immersive ember bed lighting shines through the fuel bed and illuminates the log set from below



Onyx Electric Fireplaces

Experience the exceptional with the all-new Onyx Electric Fireplace collection. The Onyx line delivers on a new definition of electric fireplace innovation and luxury. The finest crisp flame visuals appear to dance and soar between true-to-life log sets, dynamically lit from all angles for absolute immersion. Layer upon layer of visual technology weaves a palette of captivating lighting effects, which can be adjusted to transform your space.
The Onyx is designed to work with your style and interior décor. Available in three sizes, each model can be installed in a variety of ways to create a statement focal point in your home. Fully recessed without the need for trims, the Onyx provides a high-end contemporary style.

Features of the Onyx Electric Fireplace line include:
  • Luxurious 17” glass viewing height
  • 1-sided linear, 2-sided corner, or 3-sided bay installation options
  • Programmable app control to set, adjust, and program the fireplace
  • Artfully crafted oak log set & media, plus an optional birch log set
  • 5,000 BT electric heater with blower
  • Chromalight Plus Designer LED System adjust the colors of the primary and secondary flames, log lighting, ember bed lighting and down-lighting
  • Thermostatic remote control can be used to set a timer and adjust to you desired temperature
  • Optional mood lighting kit


Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Install Anywhere
Electric fireplaces provide the same comfort, ambiance, and warmth of a traditional fireplace, however, they are ventless and don’t require gas lines or wood storage. This means that they can be installed virtually anywhere, and are a perfect choice for apartments or condos.
Easy Installation
Choose between a plug or hardwire kit (provided with each fireplace) to have endless spaces as installation options. This trouble-free installation also presents benefits in the form of cost savings and minimal time to set up.
Year-Round Use
Many electric fireplaces offer the option to turn off the heat output, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful ambiance of dancing flames all year round.
Highly efficient
Electric fireplaces are very efficient zone heaters. Similar to baseboard heaters they allow homeowners to generate warmth in high-traffic rooms without needing heat the entire home with a furnace. Baseboard heaters are traditionally very inefficient as they lack the air circulation required to effectively heat a room and are often placed directly underneath windows, causing them to fight cold air, further reducing their effectiveness. Regency electric fireplaces can be placed anywhere in the room and come with a built in blower to distribute heat effectively throughout the room.
Realistic Flame
Today’s electric fireplaces offer a flame that looks so realistic, your guests will have a hard time telling that it’s not wood or gas. Enhanced dancing flame effects, advancing lighting systems, and an extra-deep bed of realistic logs or crystals provide unmatched realism & and 3-dimensional depth. 
No Emissions
Electric fireplaces are the greenest fireplaces available today. They produce zero emissions and burn zero fuel. The only input is electricity; therefore, depending on how your electricity is produced, your electric fireplace can be 100% carbon neutral!
Safe for Kids
Since there is no combustion in an electric fireplace, the glass does not heat up which makes it fitting for kid-friendly environments.

Design Inspiration

With our expanded electric line-up, finding the perfect electric fireplace or insert for your home is easier than ever before.  A wide range of size options, in a variety of price points, allows you to add the beauty of a fireplace to virtually any room or space in your home.  Browse our selection of images below to find inspiration for your own fireplace or visit our online Idea Gallery for more photos of real world installations.

Atmosphere Ei29 Electric Insert

Studio ES105 Electric Fireplace

Studio ES135 Electric Fireplace

Studio ES165 Electric Fireplace

Onyx E110 Electric Fireplace (3-sided bay installation)

Onyx EX150 Electric Fireplace (1-sided linear installation)

Onyx E190 Electric Fireplace (2-sided corner installation)