Our Favorite Fall Fireplaces

September 20, 2017

1. Liberty Series Gas Inserts

Quick to install and available in multiple sizes, there’s a Liberty gas insert for almost every masonry fireplace. This gas insert is fun to shop for because it has so many customization options. Choose the style and color of your faceplate, inlay, interior panel, backing plate and more. Liberty gas inserts offer the best of both worlds; the realistic, traditional log flame package invokes wood fire feelings, but the programmable remote control keeps you giddy about gas. On chilly days, turn on the variable speed blower (included) to quickly push heat into the far corners of your room and beyond. On warmer days, enjoy cozy ambience courtesy of the insert’s turn down capacity. Notably, all Liberty gas inserts house ceramic burners, which provide maximum radiant heat, even in a power outage. Quality…it’s in the details.

Pictured Above: Liberty LRI4E Gas Insert

2. City Series

Stunning craftsmanship and total design freedom define City Series modern gas fireplaces. Available in three-sided, two-sided and single-sided viewing perspectives, City Series’ frameless design integrates seamlessly into any space and accommodates any finish, including flammable materials like wood or wallpaper. The glass viewing window doubles as a safety barrier to provide an uninterrupted flame view that beckons the phrase “functional art”. Designers love City Series gas fireplaces because they can accommodate all of this years’ modern fireplace design trends, like placing a TV or artwork directly above a fireplace without heat barriers, clearances or fans. Designer or architect? Download the City Series spec binder into your design library.

Pictured Above: 72” City Series New York View modern gas fireplace.

3. The Ultimate Gas Fireplace

Spoil yourself with the ultimate gas fireplace. New for 2017, the U1500E is built from scratch in North America out of thick, quality steel. You’ll love the wide linear viewing window that highlights the largest, most realistic log set we’ve ever seen in a contemporary gas fireplace. The logs in this beauty look real because they’re artisan crafted from real driftwood logs. Equipped with a large ceramic burner and variable speed blower, the U1500E is a champion heater. Direct vent technology makes this fireplace an easy addition to any home, and the optional heat distribution kit invites you to direct heat from the U1500E into other rooms.



4. The Classic Wood Stove

It’s easy to fall in love with the classic styling and heavy duty craftsmanship of the F2400. Its traditional heavy duty hinges are guaranteed never to break or bend, and the thick steel fire box is warrantied for life. As an added bonus, the F2400 is easier and cheaper to maintain than many wood stoves: your chimney sweeping bill will be lower thanks to less removable parts, you’ll spend less money on replacement gaskets thanks to the adjustable door latch, and the unit’s burn efficiency will save you money on fuel. Need we say more?

 The F2400 can be customized to reflect your unique design style. Click here to view design options.

5. The Pro-Series Wood Insert

The CI2600 is a large, modern wood insert that wins the heart of serious wood burners and the environmentally minded. Thanks to eco-boost and catalytic combustion technology, the CI2600 can burn for up to 14 hours on a single load of wood. As a result, the CI2600 is cheaper to operate, easier to clean, and it heats more consistently than traditional uncertified, non-catalytic wood inserts. In terms of emissions, the CI2600 releases less than 1.9g of particulate into the atmosphere per hour, which beats the strict emissions standards regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Bonus: The Pro-Series wood insert qualifies for many government rebates, tax credits and incentives.

#DidYouKnow? The crackling sound of a wood burning fire has been shown to reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure. 


6. Horizon Outdoor Gas Fireplace

It’s not a typo…an outdoor gas fireplace really is one of our favorite fall fireplaces. Stay warm outside this season with the HZ060. Available in single-sided or see-through designs, this powerful 60” outdoor burner invites you to linger longer. Because you love outdoor living.

Linger longer outdoors this season with the HZO60 outdoor gas fireplace. Because you love outdoor living.


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