Warmth, elegance, and romance

April 19, 2017

If you’ve ever gone camping when fires are not allowed, it seems that an important element of the experience seems to be missing. Whether it’s for the additional warmth or the gentle flickering ambient light, adding a fireplace to your outdoor living space creates a natural gathering point for friends and family, or to create a romantic couple’s escape. Fireplaces bring people together.

The addition of a fireplace is routinely noted as one of the hottest trends (pun-intended) for designing your outdoor living space. Fire Pits and Fireplaces can add both dramatic architectural focal points to your outdoor living space, but also add the functional elements of providing both heat and light, enabling you to extend the time you are enjoying the outdoors later into the night or well into the Spring or Fall. The addition of a fireplace can create a natural ambience to your outdoor area.


Recently introduced is a new, larger 50 inch outdoor gas burner, creating more possibilities for customers when designing the ultimate custom fire feature for their backyard oasis.
The impressive linear 50-inch burner can be installed into a custom application that any landscape designer can imagine. If that’s not enough of a statement, two 50 inch burners can be connected together to create a remarkable 100 inch feature that is typically only seen in design magazines.

Regency’s outdoor burners can be used to create a 30, 50, 60, 80, or 100-inch fire feature; the perfect size range for almost any application. Customers now have the flexibility to create their dream outdoor living space that includes a true custom built feature, while enjoying the warmth and ambiance that only fire provides.

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