Small Space Living: Designing for small spaces

September 30, 2016

Just because your living space is small, doesn’t mean you’re out of luck when it comes to shopping for a fireplace. Here’s 4 simple ways to maximize your space while maintaining style in your home:

  1. If you don’t have space on your side, Regency offers a selection of products that cater to smaller sized areas. A few units to ask your dealer about are the LRI3EHRI3E, HZ30, HZ33, and P33. Create a stunning focal point that will keep your friends and family warm all winter long and help you save on your heating bills. 

  2. Stay true to your style no matter how much room you’re working with. Don’t be afraid to use oversized art, bold prints, greenery or whatever else that makes you happy.

  3. Add a fresh coat of paint. It’s a simple way to make the room appear larger. Paint the ceiling a different color, drawing the eye upward by creating the illusion of high ceilings.

  4. Use a large mirror. It will transform your room by adding more light in and will make the space seem bigger.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Important to consider scale and size for your living space

  • A heat output that will be comfortable for your space, ask your dealer about BTU’s.

  • A fireplace that lets you control the heat output. Many units will give you a turndown option of up to 50%

Key Takeaway: Use the fireplace as your focal point; add a splash of color or bold print to the room. We know this will become your new favorite room; warm and cozy.