The 11 Best Gas Fireplace Insert Trends of 2021

January 5, 2021

Designed to fit into your existing masonry fireplace, gas fireplace inserts are the most efficient way to fix cold chimney draft, lower your home heating bill and update the look of a room. They can even increase the value of your home! If you want to experience the clean convenience of natural gas and the stunning beauty of fire, look for these features...

Trend 1: Beautiful Gas Flames That Mimic Wood Flames

Thanks to recent advancements in gas burner technology, now you can enjoy the clean convenience of natural gas flames that dance and flicker just like real wood burning flames. Intrigued? Visit your local fireplace store to experience this exciting new renovation trend for yourself. That’s exactly what House & Home Digital Editor Adena Leigh did when she was modernizing the look of her Los Angeles condo. Adena wanted a gas fireplace that would look “as beautiful as the real thing” and we were thrilled to learn it didn’t take her long to spot Regency’s famously beautiful flame. Read Adena’s renovation story here.   

Looking for beautiful fire?  Visit your local fireplace store to experience & compare different gas fireplace insert brands.  Pictured Above: Regency LRI6E gas fireplace insert

Trend 2: Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Inserts

Direct vented to keep you warmer, improve indoor air quality and save you money, the direct vent gas fireplace insert is now a home renovation staple. Unlike traditional open flue fireplaces that draw air from inside your home for combustion, direct vent gas fireplace inserts intake air from outside of your home. Sealed to stop cold drafts from entering your home and to prevent warmed air from escaping, direct vent gas fireplace inserts are generally considered to be safer, warmer and more economical. View our full line of contemporary & traditional fireplace inserts here

Trend 3: Smart Gas Fireplace Inserts

As if flicking a switch wasn’t easy enough, now you can turn on your gas fireplace insert the same way you turn on your television… with a remote! Better yet, similar to how TV’s can be programmed to record your favorite show, modern gas fireplace inserts can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times. You can even program temperatures you want to maintain at specific times of the day or night.


This modern gas fireplace insert can be remote controlled and programmed to turn on and off at specific times.

Trend 4: High Efficiency Heat

Unless you have a closet full of gold bricks, you probably want to buy a modern gas fireplace insert that can lower your monthly home heating bill. Most fireplace inserts can cut chilly chimney draft, but only the best gas fireplace inserts are engineered to keep you warmer for less. Improvements like ceramic radiant heating technology, multi-speed blowers, programmable heat controls and multi-room heat distribution kits are all helping home owners spend less and enjoy more. For optimal performance and beautiful golden color flames, look for a gas fireplace insert with an efficiency rating between 70 – 85%. Higher efficiency =  blue fire.


A highly efficient gas fireplace insert can lower your heating bill. Pictured: Regency HRI6E gas fireplace insert

Trend 5: Heat You Can Turn Down (and up)

Unlike your furnace, fire is beautiful. In addition to warmth, fire creates stunning ambience that we humans love to enjoy all year round. On freezing winter nights you need maximum heat, but what about cool spring days? If you want a gas fireplace insert that you can enjoy almost all year, look for one that has a broad BTU range and multi stage turn down control. Your local fireplace dealer can help you identify your best options.

Trend 6: Customization

Thanks to forward thinking fireplace manufacturers, customization is now fun, easy and affordable. Regency stocks a collection of designer vignette faceplates, veneers and interior panels, in addition to a selection of high quality fire bed options (artisan log sets, stones, crystals etc.) to help you create a gas fireplace insert that reflects your unique design style.

#ProTip: Customization goes beyond style; the best fireplace manufacturers offer functional accessories like propane gas fireplace insert conversion kits and heat distribution kits.

You’re unique; shouldn’t your fireplace be too? Pictured Above: Regency LRI4E gas fireplace insert

Trend 7: Small Gas Fireplace Inserts

Bigger isn’t always better. Compact gas fireplace inserts are perfect for heating cozy spaces. Have a bedroom, bathroom or tiny home to heat? There’s a compact gas insert for that. While it’s best to pick a gas insert that fits the size of your room, sometimes that’s not possible. For example, if your existing masonry fireplace opening is too narrow or too shallow to fit a medium or large insert, a small insert may be your only option.  If you need to heat a large space with a small insert, make sure you choose a gas insert that has a built in blower.

A small gas fireplace insert is perfect for cozy space heating or fitting narrow or shallow masonry fireplace openings. Pictured: Regency Liberty LRI3E Compact Gas Fireplace Insert

Trend 8: Variable Speed Blowers

Do you need a blower? Answer “yes” if you want to push heat into the far corners of your room and beyond. Blowers with multiple speeds afford the greatest amount of comfort because they can be adjusted to circulate air softly or forcefully. Pick an insert with a warrantied blower that operates at a respectful noise level. Your local fireplace dealer can help you identify which gas fireplace inserts have the best blowers. Read our article on Fireplace Blowers Explained to see how fireplace blowers help circulate heat in your home.

#ProTip: You can't use a blower if you don't have one. All gas fireplace inserts supply radiant heat, but a blower provides an instant, powerful heat boost. Turn your blower on, or turn it off, it’s your choice!

You can't use a fireplace blower if you don't have one. All inserts deliver radiant heat, but blowers provide an instant, powerful heat boost. 

Trend 9: Refinishing Your Old Masonry Fireplace

So, you have a beautiful new gas fireplace insert, but an old, ugly masonry fireplace…now what? Refinishing allows you to host a dramatic transformation without a dramatic price tag. Check out Pinterest or Houzz to see thousands of inspiring fireplace refinishing photos. You can also check out real customer renovation photos in Regency's idea gallery. A few “hot right now” fireplace refinishing trends include:

  • Shiplap 
  • White washed brick   
  • Suspended fireplace mantels
  • Wood fireplace surrounds overlaid onto old brick hearths
  • Dry walling over existing stone or brick 
  • Adding a secondary type of stone or brick to an existing masonry fireplace
  • Tile surrounds
  • Natural wood log features, even if your fireplace insert is gas
Pictured Above: Regency LRI4E gas fireplace insert Photo credit: The Girard Family (#LoveMyRegency contest)

Trend 10: Maximized Fire Viewing Windows

Can you see me now? If you have to squint to see the flames in your fireplace, you can do better. New technology has been helping fireplace manufacturers maximize viewing areas of gas fireplace inserts for the past few years, and now the trend is in full force. It doesn’t matter what size gas insert you buy or if your style is contemporary or traditional - maximized fire viewing windows are “in”.

Pictured Above: Regency LRI6E gas fireplace insert

Trend 11: Guaranteed Quality

If you want a gas fireplace insert that will last a lifetime, choose one manufactured to last a lifetime. Regency Fireplace Products builds their gas fireplace inserts from scratch using premium grade raw materials (unlike some manufacturers that mostly assemble), and they guarantee their craftsmanship with industry’s most comprehensive warranty. Next time you visit your local fireplace retailer, look closely at each fireplace brand. Quality is in the details. For example, Regency wood inserts have noticeably stronger hinges than many brands, while Regency gas inserts feature ceramic burners to generate more radiant heat and a more beautiful fire glow.

Regency Fireplace Products guarantees high quality craftsmanship with industry’s most comprehensive warranty.

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