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January 16, 2018

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In the interior design world, 2018 is emerging as the year of fire. Lifted into the limelight by new technology, designing with fire has never been more fun, fashionable or environmentally friendly. Here are 8 modern fireplace design trends worth getting excited about this year...


Trend #1: Fireplace Finishing

Thanks to creativity and revolutionary new fireplaces like City Series designer gas fireplaces, fireplace finishing is one of this year’s hottest interior design trends. Technology like City Series exclusive Cool Wall System is unlocking a whole new world of fireplace design possibilities, enabling flammable finishes like wallpaper and wood, and the placement of art and media without heat barriers (aka mantels). Follow us online to see original finishing ideas from designers who love putting fire center stage.

Revolutionary new City Series fireplaces make it possible to finish your fireplace in flammable materials like wallpaper & wood.

Not ready for a new fireplace? You can still get in on this year’s hot refinishing trend. If you already have a fireplace, consider refinishing your existing hearth to instantly update the look of a room. If you're suffering from cold chimney draft, install a wood, gas or pellet fireplace insert for instant warmth, added style and a reduced monthly home heating bill.

Featuring a Pro Series CI2600 wood insert, this New York Ana Claudia Design incorporates three of 2018’s hottest design trends: an environmentally efficient wood burning insert, stylish wood log storage and refinishing (in this case with black and white tile).

Trend #2: Wood

Light it on fire, use it to decorate or do both, because wood is HOT this year! Advancements in combustion engineering technology have transformed the environmental efficiency of wood burning fireplaces. Modern wood burning fireplaces burn wood longer and more completely, which means owners of modern wood fireplaces spend less money on fuel, less time stoking the fire, and less time cleaning the ash drawer.

Pictured: Regency ExcaliburEX90 wood fireplace. Design by Summit Design Remodeling, Virginia, US

Wood storage features are so stylish this year they’re even popping up alongside gas fireplaces. For more fireplace design ideas featuring wood storage visit us on Pinterest.

Wood log storage features are so stylish they're popping up alongside gas fireplaces! Design by: Cahill Group / Pictured: U900 Gas Fireplace

Trend #3: Large Portrait Fireplaces

One of the most exciting emerging fireplace design trends is the enlargement of portrait fireplace viewing windows. Regency has several large gas fireplaces that compliment this eye catching trend perfectly. Editor’s note: Regency engineers are busy…stay tuned for more new designs coming out 2018!


Pictured: Regency Bellavista B41XTCE gas fireplace.

Trend #4: New Perspectives

Popular in luxury homes during the 70’s and 80’s, corner gas fireplaces are set to make a strong comeback in 2018, but this time, they’re totally frameless. Available in two-sided and three-sided perspectives, designers and architects are using corner gas fireplaces in contemporary homes to define open concept living areas and to create eye-catching ambience.

Pictured: Regency City Series Chicago Corner 40RE

Corner gas fireplaces aren’t the only perspective trending this year. Modern linear fireplaces are still a hot commodity and will continue to get loonnnggger throughout 2018 (check out this HUGE 72" New York View) to help home owners create beautiful fireplace feature walls.  See-through and bay perspective fireplaces are also trending.

Regency Horizon HZ54 installed in a contemporary house by Gordon Weima Design Builder.

Trend #5: Double Glass Safety Barriers

The most alluring part of any fireplace is the fire inside. Gas fireplaces with double glass safety barriers (as an alternative to mesh safety screens) are relatively new on the market, but they’re already trending in contemporary homes.

Pictured: City Series San Francisco Bay 40” Designer Gas Fireplace featuring a frameless double glass safety barrier. 

Trend #6: Fireplace Accessories

From black gloss extended view panels that create the appearance of a larger fireplace, to designer faceplates and retro style accents, custom fireplace accessories are hot this year. Tapping into this trend is easy; simply ask your local fireplace dealer what’s available.

Pictured: Regency Liberty LRI6E gas insert modeling an optional Tudor artisan front

Trend #7: Bedroom, Bathroom & Kitchen Fireplaces

What’s old is new again. Having a fireplace in every room of your house was common during the Victorian era (1837 to 1901) when fire was a home owner’s only source of heat. Today, this luxury design trend is driven by growing demand for elemental living and easy-to-install direct vent technology.

Direct vent technology makes it easy to install a new fireplace in any room. Pictured: Regency Horizon HZ42STE See Though Gas Fireplace

Pictured: City Series Chicago Corner CC40LE

Trend #8: Power Outage Proof Fireplaces

Seasonal storms will continue to motivate home owners to shop for power outage proof heating and lighting solutions throughout 2018. Predictably, fireplaces that can operate without electricity are in-demand more than ever. 

Trend #8: Quality

Quality is always in style. Manufacturers that care about your safety and satisfaction take pride in building fireplaces from scratch using only premium grade materials. Regency upholds its legacy as a world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, high value fireplace products by combining the latest in laser precision technology with engineering excellence and in-house product testing. It’s why our fireplaces are always in demand, and its how we can offer industry’s most comprehensive warranty.



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