Top 8 Fireplace Insert Trends of 2017

September 12, 2017

Trend 1: Smart Gas Inserts

As if flicking a switch wasn’t easy enough, now you can turn on your gas insert the same way you turn on your television, with a remote control. Better yet, similar to how TV’s can be programmed to record your favorite show, modern gas inserts can be programmed to turn on, and off, at specific times. You can even program the temperature you want to maintain at specific times of the day or night.

Trend 2: Environmentally Friendly Wood Inserts

If you’ve been avoiding the soothing crackle of a wood burning fireplace in your home because the potential environmental consequences concern you, get ready to smile. Thanks to multi-stage, combustion burn technology and strict environmental protection standards, most modern wood inserts are incredibly efficient. Socially responsible fireplace manufactures are taking efficiency to new heights by introducing wood inserts and wood stoves that can surpass the emission standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). #ProTip: The more environmentally efficient your wood insert is, the cheaper it is to operate. Government incentives exist to reward home owners for choosing the most efficient fireplaces and inserts. If you’re going green, cash in!

Thanks to multi-chamber burning technology and strict EPA standards, modern wood inserts are surprisingly efficient.
Pictured Above: CI2600 Wood Insert

Trend 3: Customization

Customization has arrived and it’s awesome. Your customization options depend on what type of insert you choose (gas insert, wood insert or pellet insert). Forward thinking fireplace manufacturers know how to make customization easy. Regency stocks designer vignette faceplates in various designs and colors, multiple fire bed options (logs, stones, crystals etc.) and a selection of brick and enamel panel interiors to help you create an insert as unique as you.

Pictured Above: E33 Gas Insert shown with Vignette faceplate in black and Vignette door inlay in Tuscan sunset.

Trend 4: Small Inserts

Bigger isn’t always better. Compact inserts are perfect for heating cozy spaces. Have a bedroom, bathroom or tiny home to heat? There’s a compact insert for that. Why does size matter? Because, if you place a large fireplace into a small room you’ll sweat your socks off (unless it has a very low turn down rating or is non-heater rated like select models of City Series designer gas fireplaces). Sometimes a compact insert is the only solution for heating a large room. For example, if your existing masonry fireplace opening is too narrow or too shallow to fit a medium or large insert, a compact insert may be your only option.  If you need to heat a large space with a compact insert, make sure you choose an insert that has a strong built in blower.

Compact inserts are perfect for heating cozy spaces and they can fit into almost any fireplace opening.
Pictured Above: Liberty LRI3E Compact Gas Insert

Trend 5: Variable Speed Blowers

Do you need a blower? Answer “yes” if you want to push heat from your insert quickly into the far corners of your room and beyond. Blowers with multiple speeds afford the greatest amount of comfort because they can be adjusted to circulate air softly or forcefully. Pick an insert that has a warrantied blower that operates at a respectful noise level. Your local fireplace dealer can help you identify which inserts have the best blowers. #ProTip: You can't use a blower if you don't have one. All fireplaces supply radiant heat, but a blower is an instant, powerful heat boost. Turn your blower on, or turn it off, it's your choice!

You can't turn on a blower if you don't have one. All fireplaces supply radiant heat, but a blower is an instant, powerful heat boost.
Pictured Above: GCI60 Pellet Insert

Trend 6: Refinishing Old Masonry Fireplaces

You have a new insert, but an old masonry fireplace. Now what? Refinishing offers home owners a dramatic transformation without a dramatic price tag. If you need photo inspiration, head to Pinterest and Houzz for thousands of inspiring fireplace refinishing photos, or check out customer install photos in the idea galleries of manufacturer websites. A few “hot right now” refinishing trends include:

-    Suspended fireplace mantels
-    Wood fireplace surrounds overlaid onto old brick hearths
-    Dry walling over existing stone or brick (pictured below)
-    Adding a secondary type of stone or brick to an existing masonry fireplace
-    Placing a large art feature or television above a fireplace or insert
-    Painting old brick dark, with scattered light colored, reflective accents (or vice versa)
-    Adding tile accents to an existing masonry fireplace
-    Adding a natural wood log feature, even if your insert is gas or pellet

#ProTip: Before you DIY your old masonry fireplace, research, research, research! Houzz articles written by professionals contain helpful renovation tips and insights. If you have the budget, consider enlisting the help of designer.

Refinishing is a great option for home owners who want a dramatic transformation without a dramatic price tag.
Pictured Above: HRI6E gas insert

Trend 7: Inserts with Large Viewing Areas

Can you see me now? If you have to squint to see the flames in your fireplace, you can do better. New technology has been helping fireplace manufacturers maximize viewing areas of fireplaces and inserts for the past few years, and now the trend is in full force. It doesn’t matter what size insert you buy or if your style is classic, contemporary or traditional; large viewing windows are “in”.


Trend 8: Inserts Built To Last a Lifetime

If you want your insert to last a lifetime, choose an insert that was built to last a lifetime. Regency Fireplace Products builds their inserts and fireplaces from scratch using premium grade raw materials (unlike some manufacturers that mostly assemble), and they guarantee their craftsmanship with industry’s most comprehensive warranty. Next time you visit your local fireplace retailer, look closely at each fireplace brand. Quality is in the details. For example, Regency wood stoves and inserts have noticeably stronger hinges than many brands, and Regency gas inserts feature ceramic burners, which generate more radiant heat and a give a more beautiful fire glow.

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