Unique Gas Stove Installations

May 24, 2019

Every now and then we stumble upon some very cool fireplace integrations using some of our products, whether they be Glamping, in a Tiny Home, or even in an attic. We love seeing how creative our customers can be with our products and love hearing their experiences with them. Below are two of our favorite installs that we recently discovered.

Glamping – Like Camping, but Fancier

Photo courtesy of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

A truly one-of-a-kind experience, the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is located in the remote reaches of British Columbia. Only accessible by boat or seaplane this immersive ‘glamping’ experience provides the luxury of a resort stay with the rustic ambience of wilderness tenting. The stunning views from their waterfront tents provide breathtaking views that to enjoy for hours on end.

Inside your premium tent, you will find the Regency C34 Propane Gas Stove – perfect for staying warm during the cold nights out in the wilderness.

Tiny House Living

Photo courtesy of TinyHouseBuild.com

This installation comes from our friends over at TinyHouseBuild.com – a DIY blog dedicated to all things tiny house! When Gabriella and Andrew were looking for a quick, easy, efficient, and of course compact, heater for their tiny home, they settled on the Hampton H27. The H27 is a medium gas stove that offers minimal clearances, meaning it can be placed closer to the wall and takes up less space in the tiny home, and produce enough heat for the home without overpowering the space!


Heat Anytime, Anywhere

Most people think that they can only add a gas stove to their living room, kitchen or rec room, but what about all the other rooms in your house?

What about the attic? (Photo courtesy of @bvintagestyle)

Deborah added a beautiful Hampton H27 gas stove to her attic workspace to make sure she is nice and warm while working in her 115-year-old farmhouse!

Or the office? (Photo courtesy of @degreesabovefireplaces)

Lots of us spend many hours in our offices; why not make those hours as comfortable as possible! This customer also added a Hampton H27 to his office to make sure he is always the right temperature!

Get Inspired

Every year we see hundreds of unique installs in homes, resorts, and cabins. If you are looking for inspiration, check out our Idea Gallery where we highlight real-life installs.

Do you want to design your own gas stove? Check out our Fireplace Design Center

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