Benefits of Regency Electric Fireplaces

October 16, 2020

Regency Skope E135 Modern Electric Fireplaces

Experience the Benefits of Regency Skope Series of Modern Electric Fireplaces

The Regency Skope modern electric fireplace heaters are a class above the rest. These premium electric fireplaces fuse high-quality craftsmanship with elegant styling. The Skope series, available as a wall-mounted or built-in fireplace, provide stunning visuals and 3-dimensional depth. Enhanced, undulating flame effects and a deep bed of realistic logs or crystals give the Skope series unparalleled realism and a modern, clean aesthetic. 

Regency Skope delivers much more than mesmerizing effects and a realistic fireside glow. Designed with the very latest LED technology and offering a choice of attractive fuel bed options, this innovative electric fireplace range lets you decide on the perfect ambiance to suit your décor with only your imagination to hold you back. Add the warmth and comfort of a fireplace to your home with a new Regency Skope electric fireplace.

Why Choose an Electric Fireplace?

Gone are the days of boring, fake, or tacky looking electric fireplaces. Today’s electric fireplaces offer the warmth, comfort, and ambiance of a real fire without the need for wood or gas. Below are six reasons to choose electric for your next fireplace. 

1. Easy Installation

Electric fireplaces do not require venting or non-combustible materials, making them cost-effective and straightforward to install. All that is required is some simple wood framing (for built-in models) or wall studs (for wall-mounted style). The fireplace can be either plugged into an existing socket or hard-wired with the hard-wired kit included in each fireplace. 

Electric fireplace installation requires some simple wood framing and some finishing materials, no need for venting, exterior vent caps, or gas lines. The straightforward and simple installation of an electric fireplace makes them ideal for townhomes and condos.

Traditional ventless fireplaces offer many safety risks; however, Electric fireplaces are the only genuinely safe ventless fireplaces available on the market as there is no combustion and no emissions. Learn more about the safety concerns and benefits of electric fireplace with our blog - Ventless Fireplace Explained 

2. Built-In & Bay Style Fireplaces

Create the look you want to choose between Regency Skope Built-In Electric Fireplaces, and Regency Skope Wall Mounted 3-sided electric fireplaces. 

Linear Built-In Electric Fireplaces

Clean, modern lines designed to create a stunning one-sided electric fireplace in virtually any space. Some construction is required to build the surround for these built-in fireplaces. 

Corner Built-In Electric Fireplaces

A transitional and modern design designed to create a stunning two-sided electric fireplace. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and as a transitional accent between rooms. Some construction is required to build the surround for these built-in fireplaces. 

Wall Mounted Bay Style Electric Fireplaces

A stunning three-sided bay fireplace designed to transform a space quickly. No construction is required to install this fireplace aside from finishing materials. Choose the available surround kit for a straightforward and quick fireplace install.

3. Zero Clearance

Experience zero clearance restrictions with Regency Skope series. Zero clearance refers to the fireplace’s clearance to combustible materials. Typically, this is the minimum distance that a fireplace can be to materials such as wood, drywall, wallpaper, etc. Electric fireplaces are considered zero clearance fireplaces because they produce heat from an internal electric heater rated for these materials. In contrast, a wood-burning fireplace would need to observe a minimum distance to wood framing or drywall to avoid damage or potential fire risk. 

Regency zero clearance electric fireplaces allow you to finish the fireplace in any material you want, including wood & wallpaper, direct to the edge of the fireplace without worrying about discoloration, warping, or fire risk. You can create the designer fireplace of your dreams with Regency Skope series of modern linear zero clearance electric fireplaces. 

4. Realistic Depth & Flames

The key to a realistic electric fireplace lies in the LED system and the depth of the firebox. The depth in an electric fireplace is one of the most critical aspects of creating an authentic fireplace look and feel. The first electric fireplaces that were released were very thin with TV-like profiles. These thin electric fireplaces produced poor, obviously fake flame effects. Instead, modern electric fireplaces rely on depth and advanced LED technology to create flames that are almost indiscernible from the real thing!

The Regency Skope boasts almost 11” depth across its entire lineup to create a realistic fire display. Couple that with a completely customizable Media Kit of fuel bed options, including crystals, logs, and pebbles to create the appearance and feel of a real fireplace!

To complete the flame picture Regency Skope series uses advanced and immersive Chromalight LED technology to generate stunning and hyper-realistic flame effects. With over 39 different lighting combinations, the Regency Skope provides the flexibility to create ambiance and set the mood anytime, day or night. Choose your look by combining one of three vivid flame colors with thirteen glowing ember light colors (or choose the cycle for the ultimate wow factor!). Regency Skope’s immersive combination of flame lighting, up-lighting, and down-lighting produces realistic 3-dimensional flames to give you the comfort and ambiance of a fire without the need for wood or gas!

5. All Media is Included

Unlike almost all other fireplaces, the Regency Skope series of electric fireplaces includes all media directly in the box. This includes small & large crystals, logs, and stones. Mix and match your media to create your unique look. You save by not having to pay for additional accessories on top of the unit price, and in a few years if you want to update the look of your fireplace, you can quickly and easily switch your media and create an entirely new look and feel. 

6. Controllable Heat

With Regency Skope heat is optional so you can enjoy the beauty of your electric fireplace year round. Quickly and easily turn heat on or off with the included remote control. Adjust manually or use the included thermostatic remote control to maintain temperature - no more getting too hot on the couch with Regency Skope the power of controllable electric warmth is in your hands! The built in 2 kW electric heater (~ 5,000 BTUs) in Regency Skope series provides soothing warmth for you and your family to enjoy. Add in mesmerizing light displays and you will find yourself curling up in front of your new electric fireplace night in and night out.  

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