Questions to Ask Your Fireplace Dealer

September 16, 2022

Build trust through communication

Are you looking to add a new fireplace to your home but are not sure where to start? A major hesitation for consumers approaching a fireplace dealer for the first time is that they do not know what to expect and the types of questions that will help make the process go as seamless as possible.

Communication between the customer (you) and the salesperson is vital to a smooth purchase project, setting expectations for both parties, and getting the perfect fireplace and perfect look. Communication is essential with all transactions, but fireplaces are highly technical products that require lots of information for a dealer to be able to understand your vision fully.

Things that may affect the installation that is not inherently obvious include:
  • What is the distance to the exterior where the venting will exit the home?
  • If it is a gas unit – is it running on propane or natural gas?
  • What altitude is the home?
  • Is the home in a valley or on a cliff? Is there a significant amount of wind?
  • Is the area humid or dry?  
  • Is the home air-tight? Are their other vented appliances in the same room (i.e., hood vent for stovetops)
While a local fireplace dealer may know about things like altitude and humidity, the other points mentioned above can affect which units are chosen and how the installation is completed.

Therefore, to ensure you are satisfied and can build trust with your dealer so that they can provide the fireplace of your dreams, it is important to provide open communications and not be afraid to ask questions. You don’t know what you don’t know, and you don’t know what may be important – there is no shame in not knowing that’s why you trust your expert local fireplace dealers.

Camden Harbor InnPhoto Courtesy of: Camden Harbor Inn

Question for Your Fireplace Dealer

Below is a list of questions you can ask a fireplace dealer to help build trust and showcase your vision

General Fireplace Questions

  • Are there any regional tax rebates I can participate in?
  • Are you an authorized Regency Dealer? Do they have any promotions running right now?
  • What do the termination caps look like?
  • What is the process after installation?
  • Who do I call if something is not working, right?
  • What is the fee for maintenance or inspection?
  • How do fireplace warranty claims work? Who creates the claims? What is covered and what is not? 

Specific Fireplace Unit Questions

  • Gas Inserts: There is an electrical component to most inserts; where do they plan to put the receptacle plug for the Fan? Is it included in the quotation? Do you need a permit?
  • Gas/Wood Inserts: Mantel clearances are important. Have you measured and checked to ensure you are meeting minimum clearances?
  • Gas Inserts & Fireplaces: Where are you going to place the battery backup/remote receiver?
  • Gas/Wood Inserts: Do I need to make any changes to the existing façade?
  • Gas/Wood Inserts: What size backing plate do I need
All of these questions help both parties. They allow you, the homeowner, by getting you lots of information to know what the process will look like, what additional or ongoing costs there could be, etc. It helps the dealer by letting them know you are serious about the installation. Any reputable fireplace dealer should easily answer the above questions in plain language for the homeowner, which will go a long way to building trust and creating a long-term relationship.

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