Invest in Quality & Build Home Value

April 28, 2020

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Invest in Quality for Your Home

Your house is more than a home; it’s an investment. For most people, it is the single most valuable thing they will ever own, and people take great pride in crafting the perfect space for themselves and their loved ones. Many times, this involves renovations. The home may be starting to age, doesn’t meet the needs of the occupants anymore, or sometimes you just want something new.

When renovating, you want to improve the look, feel, and, most importantly, the value of the home. Investing in high-quality finishing and appliances will go a long way to growing the value of your number one investment. Inexpensive or low-quality appliances may save you a few dollars upfront and look great for a couple of years. However, down the road, they will need to be replaced, often costing more in total than purchasing a higher quality appliance would have initially.

When adding a fireplace to your home it is important to understand that if you need to replace the fireplace later can be difficult to preserve any of the finishing material. So, if you need to replace your fireplace in a few years, depending on the install and finishing, you may need to replace some or all of the stone, tile, or woodwork surrounding it, adding to the cost.

Also, if you’re selling your home, any low-quality appliances will fetch much less as the new owners will likely need to replace them within a few years. Investing in quality appliances for your home makes sure you don’t have to replace them in 3-5 years but also adds genuine value to your home. Quality lasts, quality looks great, and quality builds value. Invest in quality, invest in a Regency. 

Fireplaces Produce the Greatest ROI of any Home Renovation

Fireplaces are the number one most sought after feature when people are looking for a home. As a result, any money spent on adding or upgrading a fireplace in your home is a terrific investment. According to Hanley Wood, a new fireplace can generate up to 91% of its cost in the selling price of a home.

The returns increase even more if you are adding a second fireplace to the home. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), less than 15% of houses in the US have two or more fireplaces and adding one can add up to 12% to the total value of the home.
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40+ Years of Regency Quality

Regency has been heating homes for over 40 years, and we take that job very seriously. Our company was founded on the ideals of quality craftsmanship, exceptional design, and unmatched customer service. At Regency, we believe your fireplace should work correctly from the first time it’s used to the thousandth and beyond.

It is this core idea of quality and durability that has kept our manufacturing in North America for the last 40 years. Is it more expensive to manufacture in North America, you bet it is. But at Regency, we want to support the communities that have helped us grow and leverage the incredible pool of talent in our backyard.

North American Quality

Regency products are manufactured from scratch at our facility in the Pacific Northwest. Each fireplace uses thick gauge steel, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, highly skilled welders and tradesman, and the idea that every Regency needs to be perfect.

Regency creates some of the best fireplaces in the industry, year after year and the quality is clear. Put any of our products up against our competitors and notice the details done right. From the thicker steel to reinforced door hinges and everything in-between, A Regency is designed from the ground up to incorporate quality in the detail and to last a lifetime.

Steel enters our manufacturing facility on one end, and finished fireplaces exit on the other side. Unlike other manufacturers that simply assemble on-site, Regency is cutting, forming, welding, and constructing our fireplaces all in one place. We can control every aspect of our manufacturing process. With our EXCITE process for continuous improvement, we are always finding ways to add value, durability, and make even better fireplaces.

When you choose a Regency, you choose a culture of challenging what is possible, a culture of innovation, and a culture of creating the best product from the best materials using the best people; When you choose a Regency, you are choosing the best.

Industry Leading Warranty

We control the manufacturing process from start to finish, and therefore we can confidently back our products for life. Regency offers the most comprehensive and most straightforward warranties in the industry. Enjoy a lifetime of comfort with Regency’s Limited Lifetime Warranty on the fireplace. Many manufacturers only offer 5- or 10-year limited warranties or do offer Limited Lifetime Warranties that are so restricted they cover very few things. Not at Regency, we offer the most comprehensive limited lifetime warranty hands-down. Compare for yourself and see, we promise you’ll like what you see.

For Wood Stoves and Inserts that utilize our Triple-burn Eco-Boost technology, we have 10-years of coverage on the Catalytic Combustor – including 100% coverage for the first and 50% for the second (if you even need it). Other companies prorate their warranties throughout the duration and still claim a full duration coverage, when in reality you may only be covered 20% by the end of the warranty.

Regency’s entire warranty package is unmatched throughout the industry. We are proud of the quality and durability of the products we make, and we are willing to stand by them 100%. When you choose a Regency, you choose a lifetime of quality, guaranteed.

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