12 Pictures Proving Pets Love Fireplaces

March 26, 2020
If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it is that warmth is infectious. It surrounds our homes and creates a sense of comfort and belonging. Another thing we have learned is that it’s not just us humans that enjoy warmth. Here are a few of our customers furry little friends enjoying the warmth and comfort of a Regency fire.
  1. Ruby, Rebel & Rosco can’t get enough of their Regency Fireplace

    Photo Credit: St. John Family

  3. Pickles likes to lay in front of his H200 all day long…

    Photo Credit:Howerton Family

  4. Not Just Cats & Dogs Love Our Fireplaces – Boomer the Roo does too!

    Photo Credit: @Boomertheroo

  5. Clancy Sitting Patiently by the Fire

    Photo Credit: Burton Family

  6. This Cat who Loves the View of the Fire

    Photo Credit: @Klmishere

  7. The Comfiest Place in the House According to these 3

    Photo Credit: Higley Family

  8. Nothing Better than A good Afternoon Nap

    Photo Credit: Guyton Family

  9. Some Quality Family Time

    Photo Credit: Morro Family

  10. The Best Place to Take A little Nap

    Photo Credit: @Modernglamhome

  11. We Think This Is How Everyone Should Enjoy Their Wood Inserts

    Photo Credit: Bramer Family

  12. Keeping You and Your Cats Cozy Since 1979

    Photo Credit: Howerton Family

  13. Best Friends by the Fire

    Photo Credit: Kulas Family

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