5 Features of High-Quality Outdoor Fireplaces

May 16, 2019


If you have to cross your fingers, hold your breath and perform a superstition-based ritual every time you ignite your outdoor gas fireplace or fire table, your outdoor living space is neither reliable nor enviable. Avoid chilly delays and embarrassing hosting moments by choosing an outdoor fireplace manufactured by a company that champions quality over quantity. You'll find the best outdoor fireplaces at your local fireplace store.


Choose an outdoor fireplace or fire table that can adapt to the weather. Regency’s HZO60 outdoor gas fireplace offers an impressive BTU range that fluctuates on demand between 42 000 and 64 000 BTUs: perfect for ambience in summer and cozy warmth on chilly nights. A variance in heat output is a surefire sign of a high-quality outdoor fireplace.


If your outdoor living experience feels lackluster, it’s probably missing your personal touch. Captivating outdoor fireplaces enhance their natural surroundings and reflect the unique lifestyle of their owners. The best outdoor fireplaces can be customized with a variety of finishing and media materials. If you want to go all out, choose an outdoor burner like Regency's PTO50, which can be installed almost anywhere. Better yet, connect multiple PTO50 burners together to create a long outdoor fireplace feature.


World leading manufacturers are combining years of experience with innovative new technology to maximize product efficiency, safety, reliability and adaptability. From laser cut precision technology to forward thinking engineering and design, innovation is helping homeowners enjoy their patios longer, worry less, and upgrade their lifestyle. With more than 40 years of manufacturing experience Regency is proud to offer a full range of high-quality and exceptionally managed products including a full range of outdoor products.


Yup, stainless steel deserves its own bullet point. The magical thing about stainless steel is rust resistance. If it rains in your region, or if you live by the ocean or a lake, make sure you choose a fireplace with a stainless steel burner. If not, you may end up having to replace your fireplace in as little as one-year!