How to Get the Most Out of Your Fireplace This Holiday Season

December 8, 2022

Although the fireplace channel is a big hit with some, nothing compares to firing up your real wood or gas fireplace over the winter months. The fireplace is often the epicenter of the home over Christmas and the holidays. Get the most out of your fireplace this holiday season and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Mantel

The first step to any holiday season is obviously decorating! Since the fireplace is the heart of Christmas in the home, you need to make sure your mantel is appropriately decked out. An adequately decorated mantel is essential to the holiday ambience.

For a classically simple Christmas mantel try draping garland littered with bows and Christmas bulbs across the mantle. Next lay some white or colored Christmas lights, and lastly add a few other decorative touches such as candles, artwork, or a wreath.

Of course, you can’t forget the stockings. Perhaps the single most important decoration to have on your mantel is the stockings. If you are worried about hanging stockings and having to put up nails or poke holes in your mantel worry not! There are many great solutions these days to avoid damage to your mantel. You could try simple hooks to place on-top of the mantel, decorative stocking holders, or 3M strips are all great options.


To finish the look you will want to add a few other little decorative touches around the base of the fire. Wrapped boxes, wood wrapped in a festive bow, and poinsettias are always a safe bet.


Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable combined with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Without growing up in northern European culture most aren’t aware of the term hygge, however, when it is described almost every single person understands the exact feeling, and when they tend to feel it – the holidays.

Hygge is all about the feeling of coziness, togetherness, relaxation and feeling content. In today’s modern world where we are always connected and always “on” we rarely get to turn “off”, except during the holidays. The holidays are a time to create memories, relax, enjoy the company of family and feel the warmth of their love.


Your fireplace is an essential element to achieving the feeling of hygge. The warmth and atmosphere provided by your wood or gas fireplace relaxes you and helps lull you into a peaceful relaxation.

Learn more about How to Hygge.

Cozying Up To Your Fire

Although there is no “wrong” way to cozy up to the fire, there definitely is a “right” way. The coziest of fireplace sessions involve wrapping yourself in a warm blanket, some nice calm music, ambient lighting and of course, tea or cocoa. In order to achieve maximum cozy you will need the following:

  • A large soft blanket: Blankets provide a sense of security and calmness unmatched by anything

  • Large oversized wool socks: Nothing beats big comfy wool socks on a cold winter’s day, period

  • Calm music: Set the mood with calm, relaxing, background music

  • Dimmed lights and candles: Let the soft lighting compliment the glow of the fire to create the perfect ambience

  • A warm cup of tea or hot cocoa: Warm drinks help to relax and calm the nervous system, also, who doesn’t love a good cup of cocoa?


Warm Your Home, Warm Your Heart

A warm home is a happy home. Your fireplace acts as an effective and comforting zone heater that lets you enjoy the most used rooms in your home; without breaking the bank on heating, and without sending you scrambling for a sweater. During the holidays the fireplace is the epicenter of the home, besides the kitchen of course, so keep your home warm and cozy with the help of your fireplace.

If you currently have a traditional open masonry fireplace you may want to consider adding a fireplace insert. Fireplace inserts seal the combustion chamber stopping drafts and stopping heat from the fire going directly out the chimney. This results in a more efficient heating system and longer, warmer, fires. See some of our Regency Fireplace Inserts here. 

Relive Traditions

Whether you always play a board game by the fire, cuddle up and watch a movie, roast marshmallows, or drink warm cider and watch the dancing fire cast shadows across the floor – there are certain moments that will forever remind you of the holidays and home. The fireplace is almost always at the center of it all. Take time to relive these moments and share them with those most dear to you.


Just Enjoy Yourself

It’s the holiday season, a time for laughter, warmth, traditions and family. Enjoy those around you and create memories that will last a lifetime. There truly is no better time of year than the holidays. Everyone is in a good mood, the world slows down, and something magical happens. And your fireplace is at the center of it all. Just make sure you turn if off on Christmas Eve so Santa doesn’t get burnt!

Are you looking to add warmth and comfort to your home? See our Buyer’s Guide to start your journey towards a lifetime of coziness and holiday memories!