How to Hygge: 6 Reasons You Need a Wood Burning Fireplace

May 7, 2018

Do you aspire to live a calm, comfortable and simple life? The Danish lifestyle known as Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) might be exactly what you need. If you want to hygge your way happiness, a wood fireplace from your local fireplace store can help, here’s how:  

Designed in Sweden to help you enjoy life, the Contura Ri50 wood burning fireplace is a perfect fit for Hygge homes.

#1 – Coziness

To hygge is to be calm, comfortable and cozy.  Like a warm hug, a wood burning fireplace creates an instant cozy atmosphere. Only wood burning fires can produce crackling sounds and dynamic flame ambience, an element the University of Alabama says can reduce blood pressure and help you relax.  Better yet, wood burning fireplaces don’t require electricity to operate, which means you can rely on them during seasonal storms and power outages.

Craving the crackle of a wood fireplace? Top or rear direct vent technology makes it easy to add fire to any room.

#2 – The Simple Life

Hygge is about enjoying the simple things in life. When choosing a wood burning fireplace to welcome into your home it’s good to know that some wood fireplaces are more Hygge than others. For example, the Contura Ri50 designer wood fireplace has a “load it and leave it” design that makes starting and maintaining a wood fire very easy. The guillotine style viewing window of the Ri50 opens vertically for easy servicing and log loading. Even the process to install the Ri50 is Hygge! The freestanding design means you can install the Ri50 almost anywhere you want. Where would you put a new fireplace?

The Contura Ri50 designer wood fireplace makes starting a wood fire easy. Learn more about burning wood here

#3 – Nature

Maintaining a connection to nature is fundamental to Hygge. When you welcome a wood burning fireplace into your home you will always be surrounded by nature, even when your fireplace is not in use. Stylish wood log features are one of this year’s top interior design trends. Get creative and build your own stylish wood log storage feature or keep it simple and choose a wood fireplace that includes wood storage like Regency’s Ri50 wood burning fireplace or the Alterra CS1200 wood burning stove.

Keep things naturally neat by choosing a wood fireplace that includes wood storage like the Ri50 (above) or Alterra CS1200

#4 – Togetherness

It’s more than a fireplace, it’s a gathering place. When you have a wood burning fireplace it naturally becomes a gathering spot for family and friends, and there’s nothing more Hygge than that. Further, science tells us that the multi-sensory experience created by a wood burning fireplace can trigger evolutionary ques that can inspire you and your guests to interact with one another, instead of your phones. Bonus: the shadows cast by the glow of your wood burning fireplace can make you appear more attractive. Now you know where to sit on your next date night!

#5 – Time To Relax

Simple, cozy and tidy, that’s the Hygge lifestyle. The right wood burning fireplace can help you relax more and tidy less. To reduce the time you spend tidying, choose a wood fireplace that has a glass viewing window and no mantel. The glass will keep the area around your fireplace clear of ash and the clean look of not having a mantel will make your whole space feel tidy - plus, you won't have to spend time dusting mantel decorations!  Designed with clean, contemporary lines, the Swedish style of the Contura Ri50 is perfect for Hygge households.

It’s more than a fireplace, it’s a gathering place. Regency has fine wood fireplaces for every design style.

#6 – Aromatherapy

Don’t forget your nose in your quest to achieve Hygge. Adding a wood burning fireplace to your home also adds the fresh aroma of split logs. It’s pretty Hygge when your natural fuel source doubles as aromatherapy. Enjoy waking up and coming home to the smell of nature every day!
Ready to shop but not sure where to buy a fireplace? Visit your local fireplace store and share your goals with a fireplace pro who can help you find the best wood burning fireplace for your home.