The 5 Stages of Fireplace Renovation

June 5, 2018

Every fireplace installation is unique, but all home owners experience these 5 stages of fireplace renovation:

Fireplace Renovation Stage 1: The Reason

Once installed your new fireplace has an important job to do, and that's what you need to keep in mind while shopping. What's your reason for wanting a new fireplace?

  • To add an efficient heater to your home 
  • To update the style of a room
  • To create ambience 
  • To reduce your heating bill 
  • ​To stop chimney draft 

If you’re starting from scratch (pictured above), you need a fireplace. If you want to update an existing fireplace, you probably need a fireplace insert. Learn the difference between fireplaces and fireplace inserts by reading #2 in our blog post "How To Buy A Fireplace: 6 Tips".  

Fireplace Renovation Stage 2: Your Vision

What do you want your finished fireplace to look like? Do you know your personal fireplace design style (contemporary, traditional, classic, modern)? The internet is a great place to gather design inspiration, but the online world is so big knowing where to start can be difficult. Consider browsing Pinterest and Houzz, each website hosts over a million searchable interior design photos. Fireplace manufacturer websites can also be helpful since they often feature idea galleries full of customer fireplace renovation photos. Some manufacturer websites even have online design tools that invite you to design your own fireplace

​ProTip: Fireplace manufacturers publish their seasonal brochures online before they print and distribute them to stores.

Pictured Above: Regency Fireplace Products’ online fireplace design center.

Fireplace Renovation Stage 3: Your Details

Every fireplace has a specific purpose. Some fireplaces are perfect for heating large spaces while others are better suited for creating ambience. Before you buy a new fireplace you’ll need to take a few accurate measurements and make a few key decisions. You’ll know when you’re done with stage three when you can answer these questions:

  • Will your fireplace be fueled by gas, wood or pellets? 
  • Are you installing a new fireplace or replacing an existing fireplace?
  • If you have an existing fireplace, what are the dimensions?
  • What will the primary function of your new fireplace be: heat or ambience? 
  • What size room will your fireplace live in?
  • ​What materials will surround your fireplace? (wall, floor, ceiling etc.)

Pro tip: If you have questions during stage 3, visit your local fireplace store to get some expert help.

Pictured Above: U1500E Ulitmate Gas Fireplace

Fireplace Renovation Stage 4: Purchase & Installation

When you’re ready to purchase a new fireplace, visit your local fireplace dealer. Authorized fireplace dealers are experienced trade experts who work with qualified installation professionals. Share your renovation reason, vision and space details with your local fireplace dealer so he or she can help you pick the perfect fireplace. While in store, ask your dealer about customization options. Quality fireplaces like those manufactured by Regency Fireplace Products can be customized with faceplate, vignette and fire bed accessories to create a style as unique as you. #ProTip: take advantage of exclusive manufacturer rebates.

Share your renovation reason, vision & details with your local fireplace dealer so he/she can help you pick the perfect fireplace

Fireplace Renovation Stage 5: Relax & Enjoy!

The best part about installing a new fireplace is relaxing in front of it. Make sure you choose a fireplace that provides Peace of mind in addition to warmth, ambience and efficiency. As far as warranties go, every Regency fireplace is backed by the most comprehensive warranty program in the industry. In the end, quality craftsmanship counts.

Quality craftsmanship counts. Every Regency fireplace is backed by the most comprehensive warranty program in the industry. Pictured Above: Regency Liberty LRI4E Gas insert

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