Spring Fireplace Renovation Guide

March 24, 2020

Top New Fireplace Design Ideas for your Renovation

A fireplace renovation is a great way to add value to your home. In fact, a fireplace renovation has the highest return on your investment of any home renovation. Adding a second or third fireplace to your home can significantly increase its value.

If you are looking for renovation ideas you have come to the right place. Below we have listed the most popular spring 2020 fireplace renovation trends/ideas.

For help choosing which fireplace is right for you see our 2022 Fireplace Trends overview.

Standing Tall

Uniform, clean lines directly to the roof create a stunning visual throughout the entire room. Try creating a large centerpiece to your room with beautiful tile, wood, or wallpaper. Many of today’s modern fireplaces can be finished in virtually any material – directly to the edge of the fireplace. This allows you to create a floor to ceiling accent all in one material and gives a modern look guaranteed to age well. Take a look at your home – do you have extra high ceilings? If so you may want to adapt this style as the higher the ceiling the bigger the visual impact and the more it transforms a room.

Out with the Old in with the New!

If you are looking to replace your old brick or stone fireplace and dramatically transform your room without needing major renovations – try drywall! Drywall is a, relatively, quick and inexpensive way to modernize a room. Couple that with a new fireplace insert or faceplate/surround for your existing fireplace and you can transform a room dramatically.

Check out this stunning transformation conducted by Walnut Creek, a Regency dealer.

To the Window...To the Wall!

Wall to wall shelving units are very popular right now. Incorporating a fireplace in the middle is super trendy and adds extra functionality where none existed before. Instead of wasted wall space utilize that extra real-estate to build something beautiful and practical. Turn your whole wall into an accent piece and extend the visual of the fireplace from wall to wall.

All White Everything

White offers a fantastic contrast to the dark outline of a firebox. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the darkest features in a room. When planning your renovation considering using white accent pieces, white paint, or adding a white mantel/surround to truly help the fireplace pop!

Brighter, Brighter, Brightest!

The more natural light the better! Keep your room very bright with large windows. Large modern fireplaces look fantastic in rooms with large windows and plenty of natural light. Natural light helps accentuate the fireplace and showcase its beauty even when it’s not lit! If you are adding a new fireplace to a room (instead of renovating an existing fireplace) consider placing it near your windows.

Accent/Framing Lights

To go along with the brightness during the day, try adding more lights to highlight the fireplace when the sun is down. Adding lights to frame your fireplace or to highlight the fireplace is a relatively new trend that we love! This look can be achieved in many ways but helps to highlight the fireplace and hearth even more. Try adding new pot lights or spotlights for a feature/accent lighting theme or add hidden LED strips around the outside of your hearth for a beautiful light frame and an ultra-modern feel.

Top Fireplace Styles of the Year!

The following are some of the most stylish and trendiest fireplaces available from Regency:

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We do not recommend conducting renovations or adding a fireplace yourself. There are many regulatory and safety concerns involved with adding/renovating a fireplace!

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