Unique and Unexpected Places for a Fireplace

August 26, 2022

Surprising places for a fireplace that will transform your home.

When you think of a fireplace, the first thing you probably picture is a cozy living room with a family gathered around the fireplace. Living rooms have been the main area most people would think to put in a fireplace since it tends to be the most central location in the house, but there are so many more unique and unexpected places that work just as well, if not better!

Fireplaces serve as beautiful focal points, provide heat and light, help lower your energy bills, and can even increase the value of your home. Below we will go over just a few different rooms in which a fireplace can add value to your house and to your overall enjoyment of your home.


Regency Skope E110 Electric Fireplace
Photo: Lys Realisations

When fireplaces started being used in homes, most were located in the kitchen to not only warm the house but to be used for cooking and baking. Though we have moved away from preparing our meals on a hearth, a fireplace in the kitchen can create an inviting area in the most common room to gather in. Adding a fireplace to your kitchen is sure to be a huge talking point for your guests and add a unique charm and ambiance to the room.

Dining Room

Regency City Series Seattle See-Through 60 Gas Fireplace

Why only have your best dinnerware on display in your dining area when you can have a stunning fireplace as the focal point. There’s nothing like good food, good friends, and a warm atmosphere to make your next dinner party incredible. Just like the kitchen, the dining room is a popular room for friends and loved ones to gather and enjoy each other’s company. A fireplace makes a great addition to any gathering spot to add a touch of warmth and sophistication.


Everyone knows how relaxing it is after a long day to draw a warm bubble bath, have a glass of wine, and light some candles to wash away the day’s stresses. Now imagine that times ten by including a fireplace. With a fireplace in view of your bathtub, every bath will feel like a luxurious escape from life’s trials and tribulations. No one likes getting out of a nice warm bath into the chilly air; with the right fireplace, that annoyance is all but forgotten as it heats up the room's air for a more gentle transition.


Regency City Series Santa Monica Pier 60 Gas Fireplace          

Regency Skope E110 Electric Fireplace 

The bedroom should be the most welcoming and cozy room to retreat to at the end of a long day to relax and recharge, so it’s the perfect place to install a fireplace. Fireplaces in the bedroom can be inviting, romantic and luxurious and will add style, comfort, and beauty. There are so many possibilities for a fireplace in the bedroom; an accent wall, below a wall-mounted T.V., or used as a wall divider for a separate sitting area. A fireplace in the bedroom will add a resort-like feel to any bedroom.

Home Office or Library

Regency City Series New York View 40 Gas Fireplace             

Regency City Series Seattle See-Through 60 Gas Fireplace

No longer are home offices and libraries just desks, chairs, and bookcases put into a random empty corner of your home. With the ease and need for working remotely, home offices and workspaces have become a staple to most homes in recent years, and like all other rooms, comfort and style should not be an afterthought. Putting a pair of comfy chairs next to the fireplace gives a cozy spot to relax during downtime or a warm reading area. If your home office style is rustic, modern, vintage, or anywhere in between – there will be a fireplace option that will fit in perfectly to create a productive and inviting work area.


Hampton H27 Gas Stove
Photo: B Vintage Style

With so much underutilized space available in the attic, why only use it for Christmas decorations and forgotten storage? By transforming your attic into a family room or secluded workspace, you can truly get the full potential from your home's space. Adding bright white walls and a gas stove can bring a sense of openness and warmth to an otherwise confined and cold attic.
Styles are continually changing, but fireplaces are a constant, and valuable, home improvement staple. With the increasing flexibility you can now get from modern fireplaces, you can always find a fireplace that is right for any space in your home. If you are looking for more inspiration when designing or building your fireplace, check out our Fireplace Idea Gallery for real-world fireplace installations.