Wood Stove or Gas Stove – How to Choose?

May 21, 2019

You have decided you want a freestanding stove but aren’t sure whether to choose Wood or Gas?

On one hand, gas is super convenient – on and off at the push of a button, but on the other – nothing matches the atmosphere and heating capacity of a real wood fire. See the benefits of both Wood Stoves and Gas Stoves to help narrow down your decision…

Which to Choose – Wood or Gas?

At the end of the day it comes down to preference, both wood and gas stoves will heat your home efficiently, both will provide the warmth, comfort, and ambiance of a fire, both provide straightforward installation (compared to built-in fireplaces), and both will function in a power-outage – keeping you warm even if you are in the dark.

Wood stoves tend to produce more heat and are typically used as either the main or a major part of the home heating system, whereas gas stoves typically are used for zone heating – warming smaller sections of the home where the majority of time is spent. Wood stoves require tending and reloading to keep the fire going, whereas gas stoves can be programmable to turn on/off or increase/decrease or maintain temperature.

Below are some key differentiators between wood and gas stoves…

Wood Burning Stoves

1. Efficient Long-Term Heat

With a wood burning stove you get stable, low-cost, overnight heat for your whole home. Burn less wood, chop less wood, and load your fire less with a Regency highly efficient wood stove.

2. Save Money on Fuel

Typically in North America, wood is less expensive than propane or natural gas – especially if you have access to and storage available for large quantities. Save money on gas bills and heat your home with wood!

3. Straightforward Installation

Wood stoves require fewer modifications to the existing structure then adding a built-in fireplace. Add some floor protection, ensure clearances are met, and vent the stove out of the roof or through the chimney. Straightforward installation so you can enjoy your new fire sooner.

4. Nostalgia & Comfort

Try as you might, nothing matches the roar of a real wood-burning fire. Even today’s best gas fireplaces are imposters trying to, often successfully, closely resemble the look and feel of a wood fireplace, however, they can never match the smell and aura of a real wood-burning fire.

5. No Power, No Problem

All Regency Wood Stoves work without electricity. Although the blower will not be functioning the wood stove will continue to produce radiant heat, warming the home, and venting emissions safely.

Learn even more about the benefits of wood burning stoves with our Wood Stoves Buyers Guide.

Freestanding Gas Stoves

1. Easy to Use 

With simple on/off controls, there is no need to fuss around storing wood, chopping, building and lighting a wood fire when the warmth and comfort you crave is simply a push of a button away.

2. Thermostatic Remote Control 

Make sure you are always the right temperature no matter where you are in the room! With your Regency thermostatic remote the gas stove will automatically adjust to ensure the set temperature is reached wherever the remote is located. Bring it with you to stay nice and warm, regardless of where in the room you are!

3. Efficient Zone Heating 

Freestanding stoves are perfect for heating specific areas, or zones, of your home where you spend the most time. Turn down your central heating/furnace and enjoy the warmth of your fireplace.

4. Sealed Firebox 

Direct Vent units have a sealed firebox and use outside air to feed the fire, keeping your home warm and improving indoor air quality.

5. Flexible & Straightforward Installation 

With direct vent gas stoves you get lower clearances compared to wood stoves, there is no need for a hearthpad to be installed and you have the choice to vent up or vent out through the side wall – limiting the amount of venting pipe you see!

6. Propane or Natural Gas 

If you live in an area without natural gas, no need to worry, all Regency gas stoves are available/can be converted to operate on propane.

7. No Power, No Problem 

All Regency Gas products work without electricity. Although the blower will not be functioning the gas stove will continue to produce radiant heat, warming the home, and venting emissions safely.

Learn even more about the benefits of freestanding gas stoves with our Gas Stoves Buyers Guide.

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