Fall Fireplace Maintenance & Decorating Tips

October 21, 2020

It is finally that glorious time of year. The air is crisp and fresh, the leaves are starting to change, and most importantly, it is getting colder. This means it is officially fireplace season! Time to fire up your gas or wood fireplace, cuddle beneath a blanket and watch as the flames dance effortlessly back and forth thrusting light and warmth into the room.

Fall Fireplace Maintenance

Before you start using your fireplace for the fall and winter months you will want to make sure that it is in tip-top shape. This will ensure safe operation for the entire season and make sure you are getting the best efficiency out of your unit.

Wood Fireplace Maintenance for Fall

  1. Clean Flue from Creosote Buildup

  2. Remove & Clean Air Tubes

  3. Clean Glass

  4. Inspect Damper

For a complete list of all maintenance tasks for a wood burning fireplace and to learn about the top 6 ways to avoid creosote buildup see our wood fireplace maintenance guide.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance for Fall

  1. Annual Inspection & Cleaning

  2. Move Flammable Materials

  3. Install Fresh Batteries in Receiver & Remote

Note: all cleaning and servicing of gas fireplaces should be done by a certified gas installer. Find your local Regency authorized dealer for assistance.
For a complete breakdown of maintenance for your gas fireplace view our gas fireplace maintenance guide.

5 Fall Fireplace Decorating Tips

Now that your fireplace is nice and clean and ready to burn safely – make sure it feels like fall with these 5-fall fireplace decorating tips.

  1. Natural Colors
    Fall is all about the earth, natural colors shining! When decorating your fireplace mantle for the fall season make sure to focus on oranges, browns, pale-greens and other earthy tones. This helps to bring the beauty of nature and fall into the home providing a feeling of comfort and nostalgia.

  2. Variety of Pumpkins
    Every great fireplace needs pumpkins. Try using a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of pumpkins and other gourds as accent pieces. Stack them creatively, use them in a wooden crate, or add them to your wood pile to complete the look.

  3. Multiple Textures
    The key to decorating a fireplace for any season is to mix up textures. Texture is key for adding visual weight to a room so try mixing in rough and soft textures, smooth and rigid to draw the eye and provide a contrasting view.

  4. Candles
    Candles are great no matter what the season is. They smell great and add ambiance to any room. Use a few candles with varying candlestick heights to add height variety to your mantel, break up the visual landscape, and of course to add wonderful smell to your home.

  5. Contrast
    Whether it is with the colors you use, the pumpkins, the textures, or any combination of the above contrast helps draw the eye. In bright rooms the dark outline of a fireplace will automatically attract people’s attention, once you have it use the tips above to create further contrast and make your decorations pop!

A Few of our Faves:

The following are two of our favorite designs that feature beautiful Regency products to boot!

 Photo Courtesy of Modern Glam IG: @modernglamhome

 Photo Courtesy of Arrows & Twine IG: @samanthabelsey

 Photo Courtesy of Modern Glam IG: @modernglamhome

These rules just don’t relate to fireplace decoration. You can use these basic principles for every aspect of your decorating. See what our friends at Arrows & Twine did with their entryway!

 Photo Courtesy of Arrows & Twine IG: @samanthabelsey

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