Fireplace Inserts Explained | Typical Sizing, Functionality & More!

August 28, 2019

A fireplace insert is a sealed box that is placed (inserted) into an existing masonry fireplace. As a result, the old inefficient wood fireplace is upgraded to a new high-efficiency wood, gas, or propane fireplace that will produce more heat and use less fuel.

Gas Inserts for Existing Fireplaces

Regency gas fireplace inserts can operate on natural gas or propane. A gas insert offers all the comfort, warmth, and ambiance of a fire without the need to chop, store, and haul wood. Experience Regency’s industry leading flame picture and ambiance at the push of a button with a new gas fireplace insert.

Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

The EPA has issued new regulations for all wood burning units that requires particulate emissions to be below 2.0 grams/hour of particulate emissions. Regency’s line of wood burning inserts are 2020 compliant and includes cast iron, steel, hybrid catalytic and non-catalytic units; a fireplace insert for every type of wood burner!

Learn about how emissions are measured and how Regency minimizes our environmental impact.

Typical Fireplace Insert Sizing

Regency fireplace inserts are designed to fit inside up to 95% of existing masonry fireplaces. Chances are that Regency has the perfect wood or gas fireplace insert to fit your existing masonry fireplace. Our extensive line of faceplates and surrounds are designed to cover any remaining gaps or openings.


Gas Insert Sizing (Opening Front Width x Height x Depth)

Small (Approx. 26”x17”x14”)

Medium (Approx. 29”x20”x14”)

Large (Approx. 32”x24”x16”)

Wood Insert Sizing (Opening Front Width x Height x Depth)

Small (Approx. 23”x19”x13”)

Medium (Approx. 25”x21”x17)

Large (Approx. 28”x22”x19”)

Note: The dimensions mentioned above are to be used as a guide for research and basic sizing purposes. They are generalizations based on the “small, medium, or large” classifications. Each unit’s dimensions are different, subject to change. Always consult product specifications for accurate dimensions.

Installing Fireplace Inserts

A fireplace insert gets installed directly inside of an existing masonry chimney. On top of the fireplace insert itself you will need venting and potentially other accessories (depending on model and installation parameters). To ensure your fireplace insert works safely, efficiently, and continues to work for years to come make sure you have your fireplace insert installed by a certified Regency dealer.

Benefits of Fireplace Inserts

A fireplace inserts helps to seal your existing masonry chimney, eliminating drafts and increasing heating efficiency. As a result, your fireplace insert will seal a major hole in your home – keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. More of the heat generated by your fireplace is directed into the room instead of out the chimney – resulting in less wasted fuel. A fireplace insert helps to reduce emissions, increase efficiency, save money on heating, and transform the room.

DID YOU KNOW: all Regency fireplace inserts work safely and efficiently even without electricity so if a winter storm knocks out your power, you will still be warm!
To learn more about the benefits of Fireplace Inserts:


Common Questions about Fireplace Inserts

  1. Can a fireplace insert heat an entire house?
    The area that a fireplace insert can heat will vary greatly. Some variables include the size of the area (including the height of ceilings), the size of the fireplace insert, the model, and the fuel type (wood typically produces more heat than gas inserts). For a better understanding of your heating needs contact your local Regency fireplace dealer.

  2. What size fireplace insert do I need?
    The size of fireplace insert you require is related to the size of your existing masonry chimney. There are five key dimensions to measure – the height and width of the opening, the height and width of the back wall of the fireplace and the depth of the fireplace. This will tell you which of the most common sizes you are looking at buying. See above for the most common fireplace insert sizes.

  3. Can a fireplace insert be used in new construction?
    Yes, a fireplace insert can be used in a new construction project, however they are designed to be placed inside a masonry chimney and therefore an entire masonry chimney would need to be built around the insert – which could be quite expensive. As an alternative, you can use a traditional gas or wood fireplace and finish the exterior in stone or other masonry materials to get the same look for less.

  4. Can a fireplace insert be painted?
    Yes, a fireplace insert can be painted however, it is essential to use only certified fireplace/BBQ paint. Any other paint will damage the unit, pose a fire risk, and will produce noxious odors. That being said, Regency advises against painting our units. For more information, consult your local Regency dealer.

  5. What fireplace inserts are the best?
    Well, we obviously believe that Regency’s line of wood burning, natural gas, and propane fireplace inserts are superior to the rest of the industry although we are a little biased! What actually makes a fireplace insert the best is highly subjective and depends on your needs as a consumer. Are you looking for style? Are you looking for heat output? Are you looking for overall efficiency? Are you looking for minimal maintenance and ease-of-use? Each unit will offer different pros and cons based on what is important to you. Luckily Regency has a full line of wood burning fireplace inserts and gas fireplace inserts to meet those needs!

  6. How long does a fireplace insert last?
    A fireplace insert can last for decades if used correctly and maintained. Regency offers the industry’s best warranty on all our products – a limited lifetime warranty to ensure your insert keeps you and your family warm for years to come!

  7. Who installs gas fireplace inserts?
    The installation of a gas fireplace insert needs to be completed by a certified gas installer. It is illegal to install gas appliances without proper certification in most jurisdictions. Always contact your local Regency dealer for installation assistance for both wood and gas fireplace inserts.

  8. Where to buy fireplace inserts?
    You can buy a fireplace insert from one of 2,000 independent Regency authorized dealers throughout Canada and the United States. Find your local Regency dealer here.

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