How to Shop for a Fireplace from Home – Tools & Advice

September 23, 2020

So, you’ve decided its time to replace your old fireplace or to add that fireplace you’ve been thinking about for years. If you are not sure where to start, not to worry. This blog post will outline some of the tools and articles available to you so you can educate yourself about the different categories of fireplaces, what fuels are available, and what you should be looking for when you do have a consultation with a fireplace dealer.

Tools to Help You Shop for Fireplaces at Home:

Regency has created several tools to help you find the look of your dreams. From getting inspired to finding the right unit, and even customizing the look and feel, so you get exactly what you need. Now you can be fully prepared and make the purchase of your fireplace run smoothly.


Regency Product Wizard – Find Your Product


The Regency Product Wizard is a tool we developed to help you filter out the various types of units that are available. Are you looking for a wood stove? A Cast Iron Insert? A Pellet Stove? Or a Gas Fireplace? How big is your room? Are you looking for a 1-sided, 2-sided, or 3-sided fireplace? The Regency Product Wizard simplifies the process to quickly and easily identify the best units for you!

Articles to Help You Find Your Fireplace Type:

Idea Gallery – Find Your Style


The Regency idea gallery is a place to get inspired. Find designs you like and see how other people have installed Regency fireplaces in their homes. From finishing materials to room decoration, you can find your style in the idea gallery.

Articles to Help You Find your Fireplace Style:

Fireplace Design Center – Build Your Fireplace


Once you have the fireplace you like and have an idea of the style of room and finishing materials you want to use, you can customize your fireplace to create the look you want. The Regency Fireplace Design Center lets you pick and choose your accessories to get the look you want. Do you want logs or crystals? What type of interior do you want – modern, traditional, or contemporary? What surround do you want? Are you going for a clean, modern style or a traditional look? With the Fireplace design center, you can fully customize the accessories of your fireplace, so you know what look works best for your style.

Regency’s Fireplace Blog


Our team has worked hard to answer as many of your questions as possible and to provide you the information you need to make an informed decision. Visit the Regency Blog for a wide range of articles about purchasing a fireplace.

Buying a Fireplace during COVID

Unlike most products, it is difficult to purchase a fireplace online fully. This is because fireplaces are highly complex appliances that need to be tailored to each home and project. Unfortunately, COVID19 has made traditional retail interactions more complicated than they would have been in the past. However, fireplace dealers have taken the challenge, and many have transformed their sales process to blend virtual sales and in-person consultations in a way that is safe and comfortable for all parties involved.

Did You Know: Many fireplace showrooms are still open by appointment. This allows you to see a live burning display still and touch your new fireplace before you buy.
The best ways to buy a fireplace during COVID19:
  • Use online tools for research
  • Book an Appointment at your local fireplace shop
  • Email or Call the fireplace store to set up a virtual consultation
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