5 Benefits of Outdoor Fireplaces

March 3, 2021

Large Outdoor Gas Fireplace

How Outdoor Fireplaces Add to Your Home

Outdoor fireplaces are not only beautiful additions to any space but also bring real value and functionality to a space. As with all fireplaces, there is a wide variety of outdoor fireplaces including wood firepits and gas firepits, wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, gas firetables, and gas burners. While each has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of heat output, efficiency, and cost, they all share five key benefits. 

1: Ambiance & Warmth

No matter what type of outdoor fireplace you add, they all produce warmth and comfort, helping people connect and unwind. The ambiance of a real fire is unmatched, and this is a big reason why realtors frequently say that aside from a pool, an outdoor fire is the most sought-after outdoor living feature. 

2: Focal Point to Tie Together Patio

Outdoor fireplaces work tremendously well at tying together a patio or outdoor living space. Similar to how the fireplace is often the focal point inside the home, an outdoor fireplace acts much the same way providing a natural gathering point. It can also be very helpful for framing an outdoor space, providing structure for things like furniture and tables. 

3: Add Value to Your Home

As mentioned above, an outdoor fireplace is the second most sought after outdoor living feature. Because it is so desirable, the return on your investment for adding an outdoor fireplace is very high. Fireplaces in general produce the greatest returns for any renovation in the home, and the same can be said for outdoor fireplaces. According to the National Association of Realtors, adding an additional fireplace to a home (indoor or outdoor) can increase asking price for the home by as much as 12%! 

4: Outdoor Fireplaces Extend Patio Season

Enjoy the outdoors longer with a fireplace. The warmth and comfort of an outdoor fireplace allows you to use your outdoor space earlier in the spring and later into the fall. You get more usable days of outdoor time by adding an outdoor fireplace. Also, outdoor fireplaces allow you to use your patio later into the evening -even during the peak of summer. The warmth generated will keep you plenty warm and the beautiful orange glow will thrust plenty of light into your space so you can enjoy your patio all night long! See our list of top 5 essential patio upgrades for entertaining

5: No Need For Venting – Straightforward Installation

One benefit of outdoor fireplaces vs indoor fireplaces is that they do not require any venting. Since outdoor fireplaces do not need venting, there is greater flexibility in their installation/placement as well as reduced construction costs. When adding a fireplace outdoors it is essential to ensure there is appropriate airflow to disperse fumes from the fireplace.

Note: some indoor fireplaces do not require venting – see ventless fireplaces explained

Types of Outdoor Fireplaces

There is a wide variety of outdoor fireplaces using different fuels, however the most common are wood burning outdoor fireplaces and gas outdoor fireplaces that run off either propane or natural gas. We will focus on gas fireplaces as Regency does not currently sell outdoor wood fireplaces. Below is a quick explanation of the different types of outdoor fireplaces. 

Outdoor Gas Firepits

Gas firepits are very common. They are typically a single gas burner covered in crystals, glass, or lava rocks inside of a stone or metal case. They can be portable or stationary as well as hooked up to a permanent gas line, or alternatively hooked up to a propane tank. 

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

An outdoor gas fireplace resembles many indoor fireplaces as it has a façade and structure to it. These fireplaces are typically linear styled and stationary structures that are attached to a permanent gas line. They are very convenient as they allow users to quickly turn on/off or adjust the flame height/heat output. 

HZ042 Medium outdoor gas fireplace from Regency

Outdoor Gas Firetables

Gas firetables are very similar to gas firepits. They are a firepit built inside of a table allowing the users to place food or drinks around the outside as they enjoy each other’s company. Outdoor gas firetables can be connected to permanent gas lines or hooked up to portable propane tanks. If not attached to a permanent gas line, gas firetables can be moved. 

Medium gas outdoor firetable from Regency

Outdoor Gas Burners

Outdoor gas burners are used to create fire features or custom-built fireplaces. Gas burners are highly flexible and create truly remarkable fireplaces. They are non-portable and attached to a main gas line. The material surrounding the burner will vary dramatically based on its usage. For custom-built fireplaces they will typically have a stone facade similar to the outdoor gas fireplaces mentioned above, however they could be built into the ground as part of the landscaping to create one-of-a-kind fire features.

custom outdoor fireplace burners

Regency’s Lineup of Premium Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Regency caries a full line of outdoor gas fireplaces including gas fireplaces, gas firetables, and gas burners. Our outdoor gas fireplaces are built in North America using thick gauge steel and backed by the industry’s best limited lifetime warranty. Our outdoor fireplace framing kits make building and installing an outdoor gas fireplace straightforward and cost-effective.
Our outdoor fireplaces are designed to maximize your enjoyment of your outdoor space by providing ample heat to keep you comfortable outdoors for longer while still allowing the flexibility to create truly breathtaking fireplaces and fire feature. 

See our entire line of outdoor gas fireplaces, firetables, and gas burners. 

Want to See Real Life Examples of Regency Outdoor Burners from Customers?

The possibilities really are limitless with our outdoor gas burners and our customers are getting creative - check out our outdoor gas fireplace idea gallery to get inspired from real world installations. 

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