Experience Design Freedom with Regency's City Series

November 17, 2023

Regency's City Series of modern gas fireplaces offers unmatched design flexibility, quality, and contemporary styling. These stunning fireplaces create a unique, frameless focal point in your home and provide the calming ambiance of a large fire with just the push of a button. Enjoy unhindered flame pictures with an extra-large glass viewing area and Regency's patented frameless dual-glass safety barrier. 

Photo Credit: Fire + Living featuring the Regency City Series San Francisco Bay 60 Gas Fireplace

The City Series offers a full line of fireplace sizes and configurations that can be seamlessly integrated into any interior, accommodating any finishing material right to the edge of the fireplace, giving you material and design flexibility with modern, clean lines.

Regency City Series Seattle See-Through 60 Gas Fireplace

Available in linear, corner, bay, pier and see-through models, the City Series is able to meet the needs of today's modern homes.
  • New York View- The single sided New York View’s simple elegance is perfect for any room.
  • Chicago Corner- The versatile Chicago corner can be installed in a right or left corner, making it a flattering accent in any area.
  • San Francisco Bay- With the San Francisco Bay, the uninterrupted view of the flame is enhanced with three sides of viewing.
  • Santa Monica Pier- The Santa Monica Pier provides dynamic views of the fire from all angles.
  • Seattle See-Through-  Enjoy the beauty and warmth of the fire in two rooms with the Seattle See-Through.

Cool Wall Technology

Our patented cool wall system helps maintain the perfect wall surface temperature around the fireplace by drawing in the cool air around the floating glass safety barrier. Cooler air is then split between the heat exchanger and the inside wall surface. The air traveling through the heat exchanger is heated by the fireplace and then directed out the back of the fireplace. The combined warmed air is then vented back into the room.

From a design perspective, this gives you creative control of your fireplace. Paint will not discolor, drywall will not crack, artwork will not warp!


Selecting A Finish for Your Fireplace

With the City Series specifically designed to maintain a cool wall to accomodate custom finishes, you will have total design freedom with the finish of your fireplace. You can finish directly to the edge of the fireplace with virtually any material, allowing you to create a custom look that will transform your fireplace into a stunning focal point in your home. From marble to wallpaper and everything in between, you have complete design flexibility. Unlimited finishes- no limits, no restrictions!

Regency City Series Finishes

The finishing options are endless, but below we explore some of our favorites.  


Marble is a timeless way to add elegance, glamour, and sophistication to your living space, bringing a touch of luxury that’s hard to achieve with other materials.  Every piece of marble is unique, delivering a refined natural warmth to any room.  Marble is available in a beautiful range of colors, patterns, and textures for every aesthetic and budget.

Regency City Series New York View 60 Gas Fireplace


Wood provides a wonderful canvas to work with, creating a modern and clean aesthetic that will add character to any space, from rustic to contemporary. Pair it with a playful color palette for an eclectic vibe or use plenty of neutrals for a minimal feel. Go high-impact with floor-to-ceiling natural wood, or play with a mixture of textures, stains, and orientations to create a modern look. 

Photo Credit: Project 22 Design Inc.featuring the Regency City Series New York View 72 Gas Fireplace


Wallpaper can easily liven up a room, creating a design focal point and providing a pop of color, pattern, or texture. With endless wallpaper designs to choose from, you can be as subtle or bold as you like with the print, creating a stunning backdrop perfect for any size space. 
Regency City Series New York View 40 Gas Fireplace

Textured Panels

Textured wall panels maximize visual interest and add depth and dimension to your fireplace. They can accommodate nearly any decorating style, traditional to contemporary to modern, and can elevate a room with a feeling of vibrancy and warmth, even with a minimalist color palette.

Regency City Series Chicago Corner 40 Gas Fireplace


Floor to ceiling tile is sure to make a fireplace the centerpiece of your living area.  The clean, straight lines offered by tile add contemporary sophistication to any home. Choose from a wide array of tile options, including glass mosaic, porcelain, and black granite, all of which add a touch of luxury that looks clean and classy.  
Regency City Series Chicago Corner 50 Gas Fireplace


White shiplap is a great choice for farmhouse, traditional, and transitional interiors. It pairs well with other rustic elements, such as lime-washed bricks or a wood beam mantel. And shiplap isn’t limited to just white. Darker hues of black and gray are becoming more popular in creating a bold focal point in the room.  

Photo Credit: Sharon W. featuring the Regency City Series New York View 72 Gas Fireplace


A top choice for eclectic and industrial styles, the clean lines of concrete can provide a minimalist, edgy look for your fireplace. Concrete is versatile, durable, and different; it can be molded into any shape, stained to match nearly any shade, and exhibit textures ranging from rough to highly polished.

Photo Credit: Forest Glade Fireplaces featuring the Regency City Series Chicago Corner 40 Gas Fireplace


A stone fireplace surround adds rustic charm and texture to a modern interior. The natural colors of stone blend perfectly into the neutral color scheme of a room, making the space feel cozy and woodsy, but still modern. Because stone comes in so many colors, shapes, and styles, you can easily find a design that will complement any architecture or interior design.

Photo Credit:Allison K Hauer featuring the Regency City Series New York View 60 Gas Fireplace

Beginning Your City Series Design Process

As you begin the design process for your new City Series fireplace, our Fireplace Design Center offers a great starting point to help you select the fireplace model you are intererested in and which accessories match the look you are going for.

Also check out our Designer Profiles to see how our featured designers have seamlessly integrated our fireplace products into their design concepts, elevating living spaces to new heights of beauty and warmth! Our Idea Gallery and Instagram page are also great sources for inspiration, as well as your local Authorized Regency Dealer, who can always help with any questions you may have on pricing, installation, and unit specifications. 

Add the perfect touch of warmth and modern comfort to your home with the Regency City Series!