Planning Your Outdoor Fireplace Project

March 4, 2021

Planning a Patio Renovation: How To Plan Your Outdoor Fireplace Project 

These days we all want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Whether it's socially distanced hangouts with friends or just to get out of the house a little longer – we all have a reason to spend a little more time outdoors this year. This has led to people wanting to renovate their patios and update their home spaces to better accommodate this outdoor living.

One of the best ways to extend the outdoor living season is by adding an outdoor gas fireplace. Outdoor gas fireplaces offer the heat needed to stay outdoors earlier in the season, later in the season, and even later in the evening. Outdoor gas fireplaces act as the catalyst to keeping everyone comfortable for the entire evening.

Get Inspired for Your Patio Renovation

Step 1 to planning your patio renovation is to get inspired! What do you want to do with your space? Are you looking to add an outdoor kitchen, are you laying additional pavement or creating a new deck, what is your fireplace going to look like? All these questions will come up, so you may as well start thinking of them now.

Below are some real-world examples of how people have used Regency outdoor burners to create their outdoor living space.

Custom Firetable with PTO Burner

Custom Outdoor Regency Firetable - Hearth & Home

Custom stone/marble firetable photo by Hearth & Home

Custom Patio & Outdoor Fireplace with PTO Burner

Regency Outdoor Fireplace - Custom Wall Burner on a Patio

Outdoor wall burner by S. Domb

Beautiful Outdoor Firetable

Regency Outdoor Fireplaces - Patio Firetables

Gin firetable by S. Farrell

Custom Rooftop Patio with PTO Burners

Custom Fireplace Burner for Rooftop Patio - Regency PTO Burners

Rooftop patio by MM Moore Construction

Custom Fireplace Feature with Regency HZO42

Custom Stone Fireplace by Glassman Landscaping

Check out our idea gallery for even more real patio renovations featuring Regency outdoor fireplaces.

Planning For Your Outdoor Fireplace

What fireplace do you need? Are you looking for an outdoor gas firetable for your patio? A linear gas fireplace for your outdoor space? Are you going to create a custom outdoor fire feature? Is this fireplace going to use natural gas or propane? Will it be connected to a central line or individual tanks?

Try out our product wizard to help narrow down the choices based on your criteria.

Next, you can check out our Outdoor Gas Fireplace Buyer's Guide to check out everything you need to know about purchasing an outdoor gas fireplace.

Then find a local authorized Regency fireplace dealer using our dealer locator tool – you can even see if they have any burners on display to go see it burning in person. Many of our dealers are able to do much more than just the fireplace installation, so make sure to ask about any additional masonry or other required services – simplify your life with a one-stop-shop for your outdoor fireplace project with a certified Regency installer.

Sales Consultation

Most dealers will do a site inspection (virtual or in-person) to make sure that the project can be completed as desired and that the applicable outdoor gas fireplace can be installed safely. With outdoor gas fireplaces, they do not require venting like indoor fireplaces do, which means that installation is more flexible than indoor fireplaces. As long as the dealer can ensure proper clearances and sufficient airflow in the area, it should be a relatively straightforward consultation.

After the consultation, the dealer will provide a quote, and once accepted, they will then order your unit and begin the project – for a full overview of the fireplace sales cycle, read our blog post about how the fireplace sales cycle works & what to expect.


Now that you know the structure and layout of your new patio, it's time for the accessories! What furniture are you going to use? Light? Outdoor plants? Whatever you want to make the space the most comfortable for you and your family! See our 5 most desired patio upgrades to get inspired for your shopping!

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