Warm Up With A New Fireplace Insert

October 2, 2023

A drafty fireplace can be a real problem, especially during the cold fall and winter months!
Traditional open fireplaces are not very efficient, and much of the heat produced by an open fire does not heat the room, and instead is lost up the chimney. Open fireplaces also produce more smoke and emissions, resulting in more particulate matter and gasses being released into your home.
Even when not in use, open masonry fireplaces are a leading source of indoor air loss and draft, even more so than windows and doors. A drafty fireplace allows cold air to enter your home, making it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature and can lead to higher heating bills.

What is a fireplace insert?

A fireplace insert is a sealed box that is placed (inserted) into an existing open fireplace. As a result, the old wood fireplace is upgraded to a new high-efficiency fireplace that will produce more heat. The fireplace insert helps to seal your existing masonry chimney, eliminating drafts and increasing the heating efficiency of your home, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

When burning your fireplace insert, more of the heat generated by the fireplace is directed into the room instead of out the chimney, resulting in less wasted fuel and lower home heating costs. Because they are so efficient, a fireplace insert will also produce fewer emissions and improve the air quality of your home.

By upgrading your open fireplace with a fireplace insert, you can update the look of the room and add value to your home. You will have the choice of keeping your fireplace wood-burning with a wood insert, or choosing a different fuel type such as gas, electric, or pellet.

Before and after of an open masonry fireplace upgraded with a Regency LRI6 Gas Insert

Types of Fireplace Inserts

Wood Inserts

Wood fireplace inserts are designed to be placed inside an existing wood fireplace, dramatically increasing heating capacity and wood burning efficiency, while still enjoying the unmatched warmth and beauty of a real wood burning fire.  

Modern wood inserts fuse the latest in wood burning technology with innovative styling. Wood inserts are available as both catalytic and non-catalytic models in a variety of styles, including traditional, cast-iron, and modern. 
With Regency wood inserts you utilize more of the available heat, while burning less wood.  With a full line of EPA certified wood inserts that adhere to the strictest clean air and emissions standards, you can feel good about choosing a high-efficiency and clean-burning wood insert from Regency. 

Regency Cascades I2500 Wood Insert


Gas Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts are designed to be placed inside an existing masonry fireplace and use the existing fireplace and chimney to hold the unit and venting. A gas fireplace insert transforms your old wood fireplace into a high-efficiency gas heater that uses either natural gas or propane, providing all the comfort, warmth, and ambiance of a fire at the push of a button, without the need to chop, store, and haul wood.

Regency's gas fireplace inserts are made to fit up to 95% of existing wood fireplaces. With a full line of size options to choose from in contemporary and traditional styles, and hundreds of combinations of mix and match accessories, it easy to find the perfect gas insert to complement (and warm) your home.

Regency Atmosphere Gi33 Gas Insert

Electric Inserts

Electric fireplace inserts create the beauty, warmth and ambience of a traditional fireplace, but are 100% electric. Electric inserts are very efficient zone heaters, generating warmth in high-traffic areas without the need for venting, gas lines, or wood storage.

Electric inserts are one of the greenest insert options available today. They produce zero emissions and burn zero fuel. They also stay cool to the touch, making them extra safe for families with young children or pets.

Regency’s Atmosphere Collection of preimum electric inserts offers elegant styling for a clean, visually stunning fireplace. Our Chromalight LED lighting system provides realistic flames and 3-dimensional depth, with orange & red flames combined with 13 fuel bed lighting options and top-down lighting. This collection offers flexibility in style, design, installation, and with flames so realistic, you won't believe it's electric! 

Regency Atmosphere Ei29 Electric Insert


Pellet Inserts

Pellet inserts are quiet, efficient and cost-effective home heaters that are designed to fit perfectly into your existing open fireplace. Wood pellets are small pieces of compressed wood and sawdust that are loaded into a hopper, automatically fed into the firebox, and burned to produce heat for long periods of time.

Loading is made simple with easy access lids for quick and easy loading, and an extra-large hopper allows you to load enough pellets for up to 36 straight hours of burn time. With a pellet insert, you can enjoy more warmth, with less maintenance and minimal pre-work.

All of Regency’s highly efficient pellet inserts meet current EPA standards, resulting in a higher temperature burn and very limited emissions, making them a choice them that is both convenient and environmentally friendly.

Regency Hampton GCI60 Pellet Insert


Taking The Next Step

Once you have decided on which type of insert will best suit your needs, or if you need more help deciding, make an appointment with an Authorized Regency Dealer in your area. Your local dealer will walk you through the buying process, working closely with you to find an insert that will fit your current fireplace opening and meet your heating needs.
When planning for your first visit with the dealer, it will be important to take a few key pieces of information with you. The size of fireplace insert you will require is related to the size of your existing masonry chimney, so it is important to take measurements before meeting with the dealer. There are five key dimensions to measure – the height and width of the front fireplace opening, the height and width of the back wall of the fireplace, and the depth of the fireplace.

You will also want to bring photos of your current fireplace, including a close-up of the opening, the entire hearth and chase, and the chimney from the outside of your home.